When Your Addiction Becomes Dangerously Addictive


I was wondering about on the internet where I came across a news article detailing the demise of a rising musician to the cold hands of death.
What killed him? One might ask.
A car accident? Nope.
Sickness, maybe? You would still be wrong.
What of old age? He was only 24 years old so except he is Benjamin Button, that’s a non starter.
So what killed him?

Drug overdose.
An addiction of incomprehensible repercussions.

While dwelling on the sad news, I could not help but ask questions.

What is a young good looking man looking for in the evil embrace of drugs?
What is so satisfying about doing drugs?
Couldn’t he see the danger he was putting himself into by doing drugs?
Why couldn’t he forgo the “satisfaction” he derived from taking those damn drugs?

It’s funny how people judge other people’s shortcomings based on their own thinking. I have never taken drugs (and never will) so how could I  even possibly understand what this young man saw in them.

His addiction might be drugs but then again, we all have addictions. Fortunately for some, their addictions aren’t as life threatening as others.

People might berate the young man for being a drug addict but they themselves are alcoholics.
The sex addict on the other hand might look down on the ‘mastubator’ while the womanizer might chastize the chain smoker.

One thing makes equal reading for all of the above. They are all in a bondage to their addictions.

The addiction might be to drugs, alcohol, porn, sex, women, weed, or even impulsive eating. One thing remains clear, anything you can’t do without clearly has a hold on you and as long as that ‘addiction’ is not God related, it is detrimental.

The question now is, how do I know what I am addicted to?

Simply put. Anything you can’t go a month without.

If you can’t go a month without having sex, sex has a hold on you.
If you can’t go a month without watching porn and mastubating, ‘pornubate’ has you in the palm of its hands.
If you can’t go a month without going shopping, you are being weighed down by its tentacles.

Are you a bad person?
A resounding NO.

But the sooner you realize your addiction, the sooner you can work on reducing its stranglehold on your life.
As the young man at the top of this article found out, your addiction is potent enough to potentially kill you if not curtailed.

Stop your addiction from being  dangerously addictive.

Be wise.

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