When Love Becomes Suspiciously Lonely


I once asked a friend why she missed her boyfriend. Ex boyfriend as at that point. The same guy that cheated on her so much that she lost count. The same guy that used her as a punching bag in preparation for his boxing championship.

Her simple reply was “I am lonely without him”.


It begs to ask these questions?

Are you in “love” because you are lonely?

Are you in that relationship because you can’t stand being alone?

Are you getting married just because you are tired of being referred to as Miss?


Until you get comfortable with being alone, you will never know if you are choosing someone out of love or out of loneliness.

Love yourself first before you should love someone else.

Get comfortable alone before you cosy up to someone else.


Even if you want to enjoy the comfort of a hotel, have your own comfortable crib. So as soon as the hotel starts getting uncomfortable, you can pack your things with a smile and head back to your beautiful crib.

It you don’t enjoy your company, it invariably means you have no crib to return to. You are rendered homeless.

So you will either return to the same hotel to live as a unwanted guest.
You lodge at any place no matter how filthy it is just to get a roof over your head.


Have you ever wondered why some people are never single for long?

Have you ever wondered why some people stay in abusive relationships?

Have you ever wondered why some people jump from one bad relationship to another?


They have no crib (self love) to return to when they leave the hotel (relationship).

It’s better to be happy alone than unhappy in the name of love.

Love your own company.

Get yourself a comfortable crib.


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