Seven Types of Females A Man Should Never Have Sex With


1. Any girl under 18 years old: No matter how mature she looks. Ask for her age and if she’s under 18 years old. Stay away. In some countries, having sex with a minor is a jail-able offense. Be warned.

2. Married women: A married woman takes a covenant on her wedding day in the house of God with words like “let no man put asunder” embedded somewhere inside. She’s covenantly tied to her husband. In spirit and in the physical realm. Having sexual relationships with her goes way beyond human comprehension. It’s way deeper than people are made to believe and its repercussions are grave. Stay away from people’s wives.

3. Children: Only a psychologically challenged, evil filled and hell bound human being will sexually molest a child. Unexplainable. Despicable.

4. Close friend’s girl: I know she’s fine. I know she’s irresistible. I know she drives you insane but she is your brother or close friend’s girl. Please stay away. She’s not worth it. Trust me.

5. Relative: If she’s from your state, there is a chance she’s from the same Local Government Area (LGA). If she’s from the same LGA, there is a chance she’s from your village. If she’s from the same village, there is a chance she’s from your kindred. If she’s from your kindred, there is a chance you both are connected by blood.
Don’t let ignorance or love as the case maybe make you indulge in incest. Family members, cousins (to the finite generation) are prohibited. Stay away.

6. Older women: I never knew this was possible but I recently found out that certain men derive intense pleasure in having sexual relations with older women. When I mean older, I mean widows. When I mean widows, I mean 60+. Gross. Only a sick person would do such. He needs help. Ewwww. Leave grandma alone. Gosh.

7. Desperate and Vulnerable girl: This desperate girl comes to you looking for work or money to take care of some bills and you demand sex in exchange. This act alone betrays humanity and it’s wrong on all levels. It’s either you are willing to help or not. Don’t take to give.

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