Guys Only: 10 Codes To Wooing A Girl


The difference between the shy young ignorant boy that I was to the confident ladies man that I am today is time, rejection and experience.
Time has gone by, rejection taught me more than acceptance did which added to my experience.
Below are just ten of the most important codes in wooing a girl that you might ever read anywhere on the net. Short and straight to the point. Enjoy.

1. Confidence: The first and most important ingredient in wooing a girl is confidence. No matter how beautiful/rich/tall/classy she looks. Walk in with confidence and even when rejected, walk away with confidence.

2. Jokes: Everyone loves a laugh but for girls, it works like magic. Have a sense of humor and use them effectively. Even if she doesn’t say yes, make her laugh enough to remember you next time.

3. Money: The truth about money is that it keeps desperate women. If she’s not after your money, she won’t need too much of it. Spend wisely and smartly but never use money to woo a girl. It will backfire.

4. Bad boy: I can’t explain this phenomenon but whereas guys like good inexperienced girls, girls on the other hand like bad experienced guys. Even if you are not as bad as she wants, sugar coat your experiences. Make them sound more glamorous than they are and she’ll come back for more. I didn’t say lie. Sugar coat.

5. Gentleman: For my African readers, y’all will remember the words of arguably Africa’s greatest musician when he said: “I nobi gentleman at all o, I be African man original”. There is a thin line between being a gentleman and fool. Be nice and stupid. She misbehaves, tell her. She steps out of line, correct her. Don’t turn a blind eye to her indiscretions because of love. She will step over you.

6. Be flirtatious: Don’t make a girl feel like she’s doing you favour dating you. Never. The day you step out of line she will tell you “remember I have many men after me”. Don’t cheat but make sure she knows that many girls like you too but you chose her. Giving her the impression that you too are ‘hot property’ keeps her in line.

7. Be a good listener: In the article titled ” Listening to Your Way To A Girl’s Heart”, I explained the benefits of being a good listener in getting a girl to give you the, yes you desire. Click HERE to read the article in full.

8. Knight and Shining Armour: Before wooing a girl her, you should first ask yourself a question. “Am I able to protect this lady if push comes to shove?” Protection could be physical, emotional, sexual, financial. Don’t keep a girl you can’t protect. Stay single until you can. Prove to her that you are capable. Don’t let anyone talk down at her. Support her. Comfort her. Nourish and cherish her.

9. Unavailability: You call her every day. You check on her every minute. You are always there for her. She asks for money, you always give. You are always at her beck and call. You are setting yourself up for over-familiarity and over-familiarity breeds contempt. She’ll take you for granted.
Become busy even if you aren’t busy. Don’t call all the damn time. Miss some of her calls. Take time to reply to her messages. Drag your feet when she asks for money. I don’t mean for you to be an asshole, just be a scarce gentleman.

10. Unpredictability: The major difference between the good boy that remains single and the bad boy that gets the girls is their level of unpredictability. Whereas every step the good boy makes can be predicted, the bad boy’s steps are mysterious. Today he is romantic, tomorrow he is an asshole, the next day he is indifferent. Girls like the mysterious. Become one.

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