Abbreviating A Greeting is Wrong


Social media savvy Human beings have become so used to short forms or abbreviations in passing across their messages online that it’s becoming repugnant.

Instead of good morning, you see people greeting with ‘GM’ or ‘Gud morni’ or just ‘morning’.

I might be old school but I am of the opinion that salutations should never be abbreviated because there is power in such greetings.

For example, Good Morning means the ‘greeter’ is prophesying goodness into the ‘greetees’ morning. It’s like saying I wish you a good morning ahead. If that’s the case,
what does ‘morning’ mean?
What does ‘GM’ mean?
What does ‘Gud Morni’ mean?
And more annoyingly, what does ‘same to you’ when someone offers you a salutation mean?

Don’t get to informal that you devalue the importance and potency of comon salutations.

I don’t know about you but my parents taught me better. I’m sure yours did too. Don’t let social media take that away.

Good day folks.

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