The Titanic Way Relationships End


As Titanic was sinking and hundreds of people were either jumping to their death or drowning, Jack and Rose were in the ocean together. Jack helped Rose onto a wooden panel only buoyant enough for one person while he dangled in the ice cold ocean. After a little while, a rescue effort is conducted and Rose is saved while Jack dies of hypothermia (caused by extreme cold).

Watching this scene as the 11 years old or so boy that I was, I couldn’t understand why this young fine man would give up his life for this woman (not even his wife or his babe but someone else’s babe on the ship).
I cried. Not because he died, but because he was “stupid” enough to sacrifice his life in the name of love for another man’s “property”.

I have grown to realize that love is the wonderful feeling that makes people do the dumbest things. It’s that strong of an emotion. It paralyzes, it captivates, it subdues, it weakens and strengthens all at the same time.


The sad part of my discovery about “love” is the fact that not only is the word often adulterated. Wherein every one with as little as a feeling of affection for another would automatically proclaim “I love you”. It seems “lovers” are not aware of the selfless nature of the word “love” that the most minute offense has caused a rift and destroyed many relationships.

Let’s take a look at Dare and Tunde’s story. These two love birds have dated for four committed years. It seemed they were destined for the altar and a life together until strife struck.

During a time apart caused by a rift they had, Dare went out with her ex on a friendly outing and in a moment of regret and childishness they ended up kissing. She regretted her action immediately and was the reason it didn’t go beyond kissing.
She decided to keep it from her boyfriend because she didn’t think too much of it.
Tunde proposed and on his bachelor’s eve party, Dare’s ex was present (as if the devil sent him). As the immature guy that he is, he boasted to his friends about making out with the Tunde’s fiancée. News got to Tunde and he was distraught. He confronted Dare who admitted to the offense and apologized but not without blaming it on Tunde.

“If not because you decided we take a break from the relationship, I wouldn’t have gone out with him and this wouldn’t have happened”, she said.

Tunde was livid and wasn’t having it. Since she refused to apologize wholeheartedly, Tunde called off the engagement.

Dare was even more perplexed. She was adamant that she wasn’t going to apologize for what wasn’t totally her fault.

That was the end of their relationship.

This is the sad case of throwing the baby with the bath water.

This behavior could be likened to dumping a 2015 Range Rover Sport worth over N30 million because it has faulty tires. If you know the quality of your car, you wouldn’t give up on it because it just has faulty tires.

If you know the quality of your love. How special and unique your lover is. How precious she is to you. How amazing she makes you feel. How treasured and loved he makes you feel. You won’t give up on him/her because of a faulty tire (a mistake or error in judgement).

As if you needed reminding, Titanic which was the biggest ship in its time was sunk when it’s base was punctured by an iceberg.

The puncture was small but the damage was grave.

Don’t let pride/excuses get in the way of an enviable love.

Next time your partner offends you.
Ask yourself…..
Is her offense bigger than ‘our’ love?
Is his wrongdoing bigger than the commitment ‘we’ both share?
If the answer is yes, move on.
If the answer is no, make it work.


Remember, don’t get rid a Range Rover Sport because of faulty tires and end up with a Toyota Camry with good tires.

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