The Woman – A Man’s Multiplier: The Article Every Girl Must Read (Part 3)


When God made man all those years ago, He realized that man could not survive on Earth alone so He created woman from the rib of man to HELP man.To make a woman’s task much easier, God implanted in woman the nurturing genes lacking in man. Below are a few of them:

1. Sperm to Baby: The most beautiful aspect of a woman’s gift is the ability to nurture a child in her womb. That’s the most significant of the anatomy of a woman that stands her out from a man. A man’s job is to give the sperm to the woman and she does the rest. She has the egg that the sperms fertilize, she has the womb where the embryo is formed and the baby grows. She has the birth canal where the baby comes out from after 9 months. She has the breasts to feed the baby. No woman, no child.

Mother and daughter (1-3) smiling, close-up
Mother and daughter (1-3) smiling, close-up

2. Suspicion to Fact: One of the most significant gifts God deposited in a woman is the gift of intuition. Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. It’s that inner feeling, that prevailing thought that tells you something isn’t right before any signs even appear. It’s a magical force that prevails in women way before men can catch on.
A woman can sense something is amiss or something just isn’t right about a business deal or someone way before a man can. A smart man brings his wife into his business dealings to utilize this special gift for his profiting.


3. House to Home: Women have a knack of transforming a house to a home. A house is a building whereas a home is a body. A woman transforms a man from a bachelor to a groom, from a groom to a husband, from a husband to a father, from a father to a dad. When a man gives a woman a house, she transforms it into a home.


4. Money to Food: The Bible made a specific statement that binds food and money together, which says “no food for a lazy man”. Therefore for a man to eat, he needs to work. After working, he brings the proceeds to his wife who transforms the hard cash to a delicious meal for consumption. There is a significance of a woman cooking for her husband. No woman should ever be too busy to cook for her husband or delegate the responsibility to a house help or a cook. Feeding a man is more spiritual than we think.


5. Love to Respect: While advising men and women in Ephesians about marriage, Paul said in Ephesians 5:22-33 “women respect your husbands and men love your wives”. Significantly, verse 33 depicts the arrangement which says “man love your wife as you love yourself AND wife respect your husband”. This means that a man is mandated to love his wife to get her respect. Love is the seed while respect is the harvest. Most men demand respect whereas they have failed to sow love. Quote me anywhere, its only a witch that would disrespect a man that loves her like he loves himself. Love your wife and you will get her respect effortlessly.


6. Attention to Loyalty: Women are like babies, give them attention and you will receive loyalty in return. Deprive them of attention and you will get a disgruntled, nagging, unhappy and in many cases a fornicating wife. One of the biggest reasons for a woman cheating in her marriage is when her husband deprives her of the attention she so dearly craves. Attention could be emotional, physical, psychological and even sexual. No man should ever be too busy for his wife. Work is not an excuse.


7. Foreplay to Good sex: A woman’s sexual anatomy is like an engine that needs lubrication to function properly. Sexually a man just needs to think of sex to be in the mood for sex. A woman on the other hands doesn’t work that way. She needs to be coerced slowly into the mood for sex through foreplay. The problem is men don’t have the patience. Foreplay could include washing the dishes for her. Helping her around the house. Preparing a meal for her. Giving her a massage. Watching her favorite show with her. A man who dedicates time for foreplay with his wife is bound to have a very satisfactory sex life with her.



8. Proper Care to Stunning Looks: Are you aware that no woman is ugly? Because it all depends on the care she is given. Take a village girl to a loving and caring man and watch him transform her to a queen. He cleans her up from head to toe (hair extensions, makeup, nails, eyebrows etc), dresses her up with expensive dresses and places her in a tinted AC blowing Range Rover Sport. Can that kind of woman be ugly?”
Simply put, a man that wants to see the beauty in his woman should do his part: take care of her adequately.


9. Ideas to Reality: A woman is like a business idea oven which only smart men are aware of and utilize. A man comes to his wife with a business idea, she helps him refine it, she prays with him over it, she uses her intuition (God given) to sieve through the idea, she adds her own and in no time, that idea becomes a full blown business. A wife is a man’s biggest business partner/adviser.


10. Child to Adult: When a child is born, he or she is born empty. Then the mother begins the task of building her baby into a worthy human being. She breastfeeds the child, instills discipline into the child, inculcates morale into the child,teaches the child her language, builds the child’s spiritual capacity. A child usually becomes a reflection of his/her upbringing in the hands of his/her parents especially the mother.
The man prepares a worthy platform, conducive home and available resources for the upbringing of his children, the woman is usually the major stakeholder in the raising of a child. If the first woman (mother) fails, it makes the life of the second woman (wife) harder in the future.


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