Pastor Adeboye, Women and Cooking


A video of Africa’s most respected and most reverenced preacher, Pastor EA Adeboye where he urged his male church members not to marry a lazy lady who can’t pray and cook surfaced online. Watch video HERE.

Reactions to his advice caused somewhat of a firestorm on the online stratosphere. Some called the man of God out for his advice, a few feminists bashed him for his “misogynistic” (women hating) comments. One even called him ignorant. All because he said a man should not marry a woman that can’t cook?

Wait a minute. Hollup (in Francis Odega’s voice)

When did it get so bad that a man of God has to call out ladies that can’t cook?

When did it get so bad that women get angry when the issue of cooking for their husbands (future husbands) comes up?

When did it get so bad that ladies get so uncomfortable in the kitchen?

Simple answer: Jet Age Syndrome.

This jet age is when a lady born from a heterosexual union of a man and a woman decides she wants to have a homosexual union instead.
“So how would you have children”, she is asked.
“I will adopt or get sperm from a donor” is her reply.

This jet age is when a lady who grew up with a mother that cooks for her father and her siblings would decide she doesn’t want to cook for her future husband because she has to work for her own money.
“So who would cook for your husband and the kids”, she is asked.
“A cook or nanny of course”, she replies.

This jet age is where a man born with a penis, beards, a hairy chest and testosterone running through his system decides he wants to become a woman. He gets his penis chopped off, gets breast implants and literally becomes a woman.
“God made you a man, why are you turning into a woman?”, he is asked.
“It is my body and I can do whatever I want with it”, is his bullish reply.

This jet age is when a young girl spends more time with her makeup in front of a mirror in an attempt to enhance her looks than she spends in the kitchen or helping her folks around the house.

This jet age is when a young man spends more time looking for illegal ways to make quick cash and then scouts social media sweet talking girls into premarital sex.

This jet age is when youths spend more time chatting away their destinies on social media than they spend bettering themselves.

I could go on and on but for the sake of space, let me stop here.

The preacher just opened a can of worms that should have been opened a long time ago.

What are we turning into?

A people with no moral and sense of responsibility?

Women hide behind the misguided cloak of feminism for everything.


Q: Why can’t you cook?
A: Why must only women know how to cook? Why can’t men learn how to cook?

Q: Why can’t you clean the house?
A: Why must women be the only ones cleaning and washing. Why can’t men clean and wash?

Q: Why don’t you stay at home and take care of the kids?
A: Men should take of the kids too. It shouldn’t just be a woman’s responsibility.

Q: Are you aware that a woman should be submissive to her husband?
A: I am not a slave to no man. If I am submissive, he should do likewise.

I have dated modern generation women for almost a decade now and I must admit that only a handful cook better than me. Most find cooking cumbersome while others don’t even bother learning how to cook.

Should cooking be a man’s priority in choosing a wife?

Of course not. High in the chain of desirable attributes to look for in a woman should be amongst others; hardworking, caring, submissive and a smart woman.

A smart woman wouldn’t wait for a man of God to show her how to take care of her man.

Would I marry a woman that can’t cook?

Even love isn’t that blind.

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