Manner of Approach: The Love Story of Rachael and Ken


Not Rachael and Kennedy

It was Ken’s birthday and his beautiful wife Rachael was planning a surprise visit to his office.

She had an Arsenal cake baked for him and packaged some bottles of drinks, snacks and even a cooler filled with hot spicy goat meat peppersoup for his colleagues at the office.

It was his 40th birthday and she was even more excited than he was about celebrating it. She stepped into his office complex and exchanged pleasantries with everyone she saw.

“Madam, you are looking very beautiful. Oga is really taking good care of you”, the Secretary mustered with a big smile as Mrs Rachael proceeded to opening her husband’s door.
” Thank you Uche”, she replied as she opened her husband’s office door singing

“Happpppppy Birth……….”

Then she saw a scene that swept her off her feet. Almost literally. And I don’t mean that in a good way.


Her Reaction (Option 1):
She was dumbfounded to find her husband hugging a seductively dressed lady in his office. She gently dropped his surprise cake on the desk and started screaming…..
“Kennedy what is going on here?”
“Who is this brat?”
“So I came to surprise you on your birthday and this is what I get?”

As Ken was composing himself to answer her flurry of questions, he gestured for Jolomi to leave the office but Madam Rachael blocked her from leaving.
“Now you are telling her to leave? She must stay here while you explain yourself”
“Who is this brat, I repeat”.

Long story short, Madam Jolomi left the office offended and Ken was left with a ruined birthday. He got home to  a calm wife who had cried herself to sleep. He woke up the next day and explained what really happened to her and she felt so ashamed of herself for jumping into conclusions so aggressively.


Her Reaction (Option 2):
She was dumbfounded to find her husband hugging a seductively dressed lady in his office. But as the calm composed lady she was, she acted like nothing happened.
She continued singing “Happy Birthday to you” while the whole office joined in. By then Jolomi had gathered herself, left the office faster than she came in.

His wife gave the food stuff to the Secretary to share among the staff, kissed her husband, prayed for him and left him to get on with work.

Ken got home and met his wife waiting for him with his meal already prepared and steaming hot.
He knew his wife saw what happened at the office and knew he had to explain himself sooner rather than later.

As he finished his meal, showered and was preparing to explain himself to his wife.

Rachael beat him to it.
She said, “Darling there is something that happened in the office today that hurt me”.
He replied ” Yes baby, that’s what I wanted to talk…….”
“Please let me finish”, she cut in.
“I came to surprise you at the office and met you in an embrace with a scantily dressed girl. Why would you do such a thing? Why would you hurt me in such a way? I didn’t react then because I respect you and I didn’t want to cause a scene at the office. Please explain yourself.”

Then Ken proceeded to explaining what happened at the office.


What really transpired at the office —————————>

It was Ken’s birthday alright but he wasn’t in the birthday mood. He just got wind of news that the company was downsizing and he had to personally lay off a few of the staff under his supervision. He knew he had to celebrate his birthday later at home with his wife and three kids. But for now, his birthday was the last thing on his mind. He was tensed.

He finally almost reluctantly selected 10 of the staff that were to be layed off.
He called them into his office one after the other, after a few words of encouragement handed them their letter of termination and wished them well.

Then in stepped Jolomi, the hot busty and sumptuous looking lady (in my own words not Ken’s. Please) that has been trying all she could to get the attention of Ken to no avail. He was devoted to his wife and gave Jolomi no second thought whatsoever.

She entered his office in her usual jovial, cleavage showing, seductive oozing mischievous self.

She sat down, Ken told her the bad news and gave her the letter.

Then she burst into tears.

Ken being a human being and a gentleman proceeded to hug her telling her everything is going to be fine when his wife entered the office.


Morale of the Story:
Manner of approach is the difference between a venomous marriage and a peaceful one. It’s okay to be hurt, it’s okay to be offended by a spouse but your reaction matters greatly.

As the story shows, Option 1 was immediate, explosive and detremental. Whereas Option 2 was calculated, calm and very peaceful.

It gave room for communication and when there is communication there is understanding and with understanding comes peace and harmony.

Next time you want to explode, relax and ask yourself “What would Jesus do?”
Yes, Jesus would be calm. So be calm.


You learn, just as you learn good manners, how to approach things with a certain amount of diplomacy. – Robert MacNeil

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