For Guys Only: The 15 C’s of Bachelorhood


Enough has been said about the do and don’ts of bachelorhood so this writer isn’t about boring you with too much information. Below are 15 important C’s in a bachelor’s life.

1. Cash: A bachelor finds his identity by the type of job or business he is engaged in. Money makes the world go round and money makes differentiates a bachelor from a mummy’s boy.


2. Chances: A bachelor isn’t one that leaves his life to chance. He plans ahead. Financially, he saves for the future and doesn’t spend his money on impulse. A smart bachelor has short term and long term goals. He has yearly achievement targets. He has five to ten years plans. Don’t just live for everyday. Live for the future.


3. Chaste/Condom: The rate at which young men are becoming fathers and at worst contacting deadly diseases is alarming. Women bring down men faster than a bulldozer can destroy a house. The weapon is their body and the process is sexual. Remain chaste and avoid sexual immorality to avoid stories that touch. But if you can’t stay away from sex, condoms do a great job. Why risk future heartache for 30 minutes at most of unprotected sex.


4. Contraceptive: We get inundated with claims that dogs are a man’s best friend but a sexually active bachelor with the knowledge of contraceptives like Postinor 2 will beg to differ. Instead of encouraging her to abort a child, encourage her to kill the sperm cells in her womb before it teams up with her egg to form a baby.


5. Confidence: A girl with low self esteem would still get guys over her. Imagine a guy with the same issue. A bachelor riddled with low self esteem is one of the most pitiable sights ever. You are a man. Yes a man. Be confident, man!!


6. Character: A bachelor should have an unwavering character. His YES should be his YES and his NO should remain his NO. Come rain, come shine. Never compromise.


7. Charisma: Wikipedia defines charisma as “compelling attractiveness or charm”. Whereras money makes you fake friends, charisma attracts real friends. With charisma comes courteousness (politeness). Both go hand in hand.


8. Car: Enough has been said about having a car and being readily mobile. As long as your vehicle takes you from point A to point B, you are game.


9. Crib: No bachelor should feel comfortable staying in his father’s house. His mission is to move out ASAP. You have a crib in Banana Island or a room and mattress in Surulere. You are independent. That’s all that matters.


10. Cautious: There are two things a bachelor should guard against. His money and his marital status. Girls are after both. Some after his money while others after his marital status either through hook (pregnancy) or crook (pretense). Be very careful.


11. Caring: A bachelor should possess caring genes. Remember to treat a lady like you would want your daughter treated.


12. Cheat: Some ladies have the belief that all men cheat. The truth is that although many men cheat, many more men are faithful. It’s easier to cheat than take the faithful road. Be up to the challenge. Choose right and be loyal to her.


13. Content: No matter what you do, the type of car you drive or the girl you are dating. There is always gonna be someone richer than you, finer than you and there is always gonna be a girl sexier, prettier and classier than you girlfriend. Be contented.


14. Crime/Coward/Children: Remember to be a bachelor with class demands that you make sacrifices and uphold certain virtues that others might consider outdated.
i. Any money you can’t testify about in church is not worth it. Crime might give you temporary gratification but could generate permanent regrets. Crime doesn’t pay. Work hard, believe in yourself, trust in God and your pay day will come. Clean money.

IMG_20160712_195827 ii. A coward is a man that promises a girl marriage just to get in bed with her. A coward is a man that physically assaults or emotional batters a lady. A coward is a man that sleeps with under-age girls to satisfy his twisted sexual appetite. A coward is a man that rapes a lady because she refuses to give her consent. Don’t be a coward.

IMG_20160617_183754 iii. Children are adorable and heavenly creatures but should not be introduced into the World prematurely. Don’t be a father with a baby mama but a father with a wife.


15. Christ: Let’s imagine a Christ-less bachelor and a Christ-filled one.  Where one hustles for every dime he makes, the other glides into wealth with grace. Where one spends nights in clubs with girls, the other is planning into his future with the Word of God. Where one boasts about his sexual prowess or the depth of his pocket to any girl that cares to listen, the other talks about salvation and Jesus Christ to everyone who cares to listen. Where one is worried about the future, the other is rest assured that his future is bright. Be a Christ filled bachelor today.


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