Truth or Myth: Husband and Boyfriend Snatching


Ladies come closer. Oya draw your ears……

See eh. There is nothing like husband/boyfriend/sugar daddy snatching. A full grown man cannot be snatched. He is not a handbag in Balogun market.

Unlike your confused hormones, men are not confused. They always know what they want. Even while dating Aisha, Amanda, Atinuke, Abiye, Abasiobong and Amaka. A man knows who among them he is going to marry. Just remember. A man is never confused.

See eh. A man is dating you and maybe thinking of making it permanent and your friend goes to him and tells him you are promiscuous and he decides to end the relationship. Babes stop deceiving yourself. Even though your “friend” (frenemy) overstepped her boundary by disclosing your personal shit to the wrongest person. A man that loves and truly wants you in his life will ask you first and give you a chance to explain yourself. He isn’t holy himself. He leaves means he was not really sure of you, he just needed that one tangible reason to walk away, your village witch head just used your friend to give him that reason.

If he turns his attention to your friend. Brother has been eyeing your friend. He was not snatched, he went with the green light.

Your full grown husband that has been jumping up and down shouting I am your husband sees a hot babe like my girlfriend and come and tells her all the sweet nonsense she likes to hear and both of them (full grownups by the way) decide to engage in bedmatics. Then you tell your pastor that she snatched your husband or you beat her silly and strip her naked? So what will a grown man like me say about your husband? Girlfriend snatcher? Pluzzzzzzzzzzz.

Stop institutionalizing BS. All men do not cheat. The ones who cheat are those who really want to taste whatever is being offered by another woman.

Any man who wants you as much as you want him will never listen to stupid tales from people. Shey all the runs girls you know back in the days are mostly married. Shey it is coconut trees that married them abi are they not men. The men who married them know what they wanted and did not listen to story. Any man listening to story is a man who already is looking for an excuse to leave.

I was sitting with my friend. He is on my BBM list, someone sat him down and gave him a run down of all the men his fiancée had slept with. Said all the BS he knows. When he finished, my friend calmly told the story teller:

“Nwanna, nwata ka bu spec m (My brother, the girl is still my spec)”.

End of story. They are married today and it has been five years he has never complained to me.

Another friend (may his soul rest in peace) left his girlfriend that could die for him because of them said he said. This girl cried. I begged him then to marry the one he knows oh, he said no. The babe moved on, married someone else who heard all that story and did not care. My friend kept searching for a girl who will be like the one he left till he died suddenly.

Stop breaking your own hearts, any man who leaves was meant to leave. Any man who cheats wanted to cheat. It is not about you. Its all about him. He just wanted to do what he did. Simpulu (in Engilibo)

Grown men cannot be snatched, he made a decision that suited him. Don’t kill yourself over it. Don’t drink Sniper over it. Just cry and when you cry (obviously as women you will all cry). When you cry, don’t cry because you miss him, don’t cry because he hurt you, don’t cry because he wasted your time. Cry because God saved your ass from an asshole of a husband. Cry because he lost a jewel in you while picking stones. Then after a day or two of crying. Clean your face, wear your makeup, put on that gorgeous smile, straighten your crown and move on. Shake your bumbum while at it.


Original article by: Amanda Chisom
Rewritten by: Kurtis Smith

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