Sex: Age is Not Just A Number

A few months back, an international footballer Adam Johnson (a former Manchester City and Sunderland FC player) was found guilty of sexually touching a 15-year-old girl and was sentenced to 6 years in jail.

To sum it all up. The footballer who is just 27 years old and was being payed £60,000 (about N24 million) per week has had the following travails for his offense.
1. He was dumped by his sponsor Adidas for admitting to sexually grooming the underage girl.
2. He was sacked by his club for admitting the same charge.
3. His girlfriend whom he has a child with and he was cheating on while she was pregnant has ended the relationship with the troubled star.
4. He has lost the respect of the footballing community, his family, friends, colleagues and the World at large.
5. He was sentenced to 6 years in jail.
6. His footballing career is over because as at when he comes out of jail, he will be too rusty and no sensible club would even employ him.
7. He is forever tagged as a child-sex offender.

So he smooched and kissed a 15 year old girl (UK’s age of consent is 16 years old) and he was jailed. Not for having sex with her. Just smooching her.

Let’s come down to Africa and Nigeria to be specific. The age of consent is 18 years but cases of sexually active teenagers under 18 years abound.

While conducting a research, I asked a few people to fill a sexually related questionnaire with “age of first sexual experience” among the questions asked. I realized that many girls were disvirgined before they clocked 18 years by mostly men above 25 years.

Not surprising is it?

I was having a conversation with a colleague who is actually above 40 years. He told me of his taste for young girls. To defend his actions, he said “most girls are more mature than their age. When it comes to girls of nowadays, age is just a number. Even the younger ones are most experienced and better in bed than older girls”. I tried hard to hide my disgust but it seemed the respect I had for him depreciated after he made such deprecating comments.

Africa is a land where most men have sex with anything that has a vagina and claim that age is just a number.
Africa is a land where a man would get married to a 14 year old girl and claim his religion permits such defilement.
Africa is a land where men would have sexual relationship with a girl younger than their youngest daughter.
Africa is a land where sexual relations with a child is not penalized.
Africa is a land where men take advantage of young ignorant attention seeking girls without a penalty.
Africa is a land where a man has sexual relationship with his own daughter and blame it on the devil and goes scot free.
Africa is a land where children are at the risk of being raped even more than adults because of their vulnerability and innocence.
Africa is a land where a girl is blamed for being raped because she wears skimpy clothes (if that’s the case, are the babies been raped also wearing skimpy clothes?)

If a popular footballer in the United Kingdom could be jailed for 6 years for kissing and smooching a girl just one year younger than the age of consent (not even having sex with her) then its time for Africa to wake up and put laws in place to stop evil paedophiles from preying on the innocence of our daughters.

To the men. With sex, age is not just a number. If she’s under 18, no matter how big her breasts look or how enormous her backside is: she’s a minor and still a child. Stay clear. Go and toast your mates. Be warned

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