Ladies Only: 20 Ways To Know He is Married

Married men are on the loose and are even more promiscuous than single guys. They attract a girl with attention, serenade her with money and then finish her with care. They are the ultimate hunters.

Married men are dangerous as I warn any girl that cares to listen because:
1. She is playing with physical fire (what if the man’s wife finds out).
2. She is also playing with physiological fire (what if she ends up falling in love with a married man and hopes he will leave his wife and marry her).
3. Spiritual fire (coming in between the God ordained union of marriage is digging one’s grave).

There are many repercussions for engaging in a relationship with a married man but this is not the place to discuss them. This article is not for girls that knowingly date married men but for those who are decieved into a relationship with a married man.

Its hightime ladies watch out for thr 20 signs below that indicate a man is married and stay clear.

1. Calls a certain time: Married men tend to call only during the day when they are at work and outside the reach of their wives. At night, they are home and wouldn’t want to be caught talking on phone. So if he tends to call only during the day and not at night. There is a big chance he is married or living with his woman.

2. One number man: Married men have multiples phones (as do most Nigerians). The difference is that the married man has a particular secret number that his wife doesn’t know about. He calls that the office line but that’s his “chicks line”. If he allows you call only one particular number. Something is fishy.

3. How he saved your number: It’s funny how people save contacts on their phones. From “Segun Mouth Odor” to “Felicia Flat Breasts”. Watch how a man saves your number and you are sure to know how important you are to him. If he saves your name with ” Angelina baby”, then chances that you are special. But trust me, no married man would save his girls number glowingly. Expect to see “Angelina Ikeja” or at worst “Angelina Cleaner” just to avoid his wife’s suspicions. How did he save your number?

4. He is always busy: Married men tend to be too busy when his girl calls (maybe his is presently with his wife). Married men have a knack for saying “if you want to talk to me, flash me and I will call back when I am free”. This is a ploy to avoid you calling at a very wrong time.

5. The baby picture: No matter how promiscuous a man is, he loves his children. Married men have pictures of their children on their phones but always claim the child is his niece of nephew. The World’s greatest Uncle? Be smart girl.

6. Ring mark around their finger: Most married men don’t even hide their marital status and flaunt their wedding bands while asking a single out. For others, they don’t even wear their wedding bands. Nigerian men don’t like wearing wedding bands, it’s the women that carry wearing wedding ring on their hand.
But for the very few that wear their wedding rings and remove it to ask a girl out. A finger would always indicate a mark when a ring is removed. Be smart enough to check his wedding finger for any such clues.

7. Family is off limit: Married men would never allow his girl come into contact with any member of his extended family (parents and siblings). You have asked to meet his sister but he keeps making excuses. Beware.

8. Always well groomed and fed: Single bachelors mostly live alone and either do the laundry themselves or use the services of dry cleaners. As for cooking, a few cook themselves (myself included, pls don’t but most have someone (a cook, sister, girlfriend) that cooks for him.
But this man you like always eats at home, always steps out in clean and ironed clothes, very well groomed and looking daper. My sister, a woman is responsible. His wife. Beware.

9. Very caring and romantic: The truth is that married men are more romantic than single guys. Reasons differ for this phenomenon but their experience being married goes a long way in grooming their romantic side. If he is very romantic and always caring doesn’t mean he is married but if he has a few of the above pointers, he is married sister. Flee.

10. Present minded: A married man has no future with a single girl and doesn’t hide it. A single guy could be tempted to discuss his future plans with a girl but a married man dares not bring it up. If she brings it up, he stylishly brushes it aside or lies through his teeth.

11. Public places are off limit: You know how you go to a place like the cinema and run into friends? Same thing happens to married men so it’s gonna be disastrous for him to run into his brother-in-law at the cinema with his babe wrapped around his hands. Hence married men avoid public places. If they have to go public, then a night club or the beach (at night) is the best option. It’s too dark to really identify faces. Be wise.

12. House is off limit: Married men are considered romantic because they take their girl on trips while bachelors invite their girls home. It’s for a reason. Married men don’t want their girls to know where they live because their family (wife and children) live there also. So he tries as much as possible to avoid taking her home so he forms romantic and takes her out.
If you both always have your sexual romps in hotel rooms. He is married.

13. The arranged house: A married man hardly invites a girl over to his house but when he does, it’s either his wife and/or kids have travelled. But when that happens, these are few things to take note of in the house.
i. Set kitchen: A man with a well set kitchen with microwave, fruit squeezer, deep freezer, well stocked food stuff is either the most kitchen savvy bachelor I know or is a married man.
ii. Locked wardrobe: A wardrobe where his wife’s clothes and accessories are locked away from your prying eyes.

14. ABORTION: Having a child from another woman spells disaster for a married man so forget the option of having a baby for him (except he is child less). Tell him you think you are pregnant and see his reaction.

15. Always travels: Married men are regular travellers. If they leave in the same city with their family, they would always cook up reasons to travel out like work or business related excuses.

16. No strings attached spending: Only a married man would have the patience to spend on a girl and not expect immediate return (sex/relationship). Bachelors don’t have that patience. If all he does is spend spend spend, it’s not cause he is nice and caring. He is a married man.

17. Married/Elderly friends: “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” is a popular saying but often ignored when it comes to real life situations. A girl sees a so called single guy always hanging out with married pot belled men and you believe he is not married. Wake up child.

There are many cases where married men marry and leave their wives and family in the country to work outside or leave their wives and family abroad to work in the country and visit occasionally.
In this special case, most of the above won’t work because their wives aren’t around and they could actually act like bachelors and get away with it.
In this case, only numbers 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 can be used to catch him.
But another and most important way to catch such a man is:

18. International number: A man that regular makes or receives calls from a particular international number is hiding something. Find out who the person at the other hand is.

19. International travels: A man that regular travels outside the country on personal trips has something he is hiding.

20. International money transfer: He isn’t a yahoo boy but constantly sends money abroad. Something is fishy. Find out if he is actually importing something or he is sending money for the upkeep of his family abroad.

NOTE: Not all these 20 rules might apply to a married man but if only 5 do, he is married. Trust me. RUN.

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