Sex and Marriage: When Men and Women Hold The Power

Sade met Richard at one of his colleague’s birthday party. There was enough to eat and drink but while everyone was either mingling or getting their groove on, Richard had another mission.

He was the MC of the show but was more concerned with spitting his oratory lines to a girl he was admiring not the audience. He had noticed this charming girl seated isolated from the crowd looking lost and was buying his time before making his move.

“DJ the crowd is getting anxious to shake their body, let’s see what you got”. The DJ taking over was just the cue he needed to make his move.

“Hi, are you sure you are at the right party if so why is the most beautiful girl at this party not in the party”.
‘Smooth talker’, she thought to herself before looking up to see who was trying to bamboozle her with sugar coated words.

What she saw confused her the more for Richard was this tall, lanky but quite good looking fellow. He had the face and swag to go with the rhymes too.
“Hello”, she said just after swallowing a spit of admiration. His approach had disarmed her and his looks gave her amnesia. She didn’t recollect what he had said earlier and shamefully said
“Hi, my name is Sade”.

As the smooth talker he was he replied “I am Richard and you have a beautiful name. But I didn’t ask for your name though, asked why you are here all alone away from all the groove happening across the room”.

“Richie Rich, it’s time to make a toast everyone is waiting” were the words Richard wasn’t ready to hear. For he was just about entering Gear 2 with Sade. He had to leave with his joy killing friend Thomas because he knew he had a job to do.

“Wait for me. I will be gone just a minute”. He said to a love (infatuation) struck Sade. “Okay”, she replied sheepishly.

“Let’s get this party started” she thought to herself while Richard went away to fulfill his MC duties.

As if he was being chased by a thunderbolt, Richard finished the toast rather too hastily and proceeded to his primary mission: Sade.

By the time he got back, she had regained her composure and her sudden amnesia had desipated.

They got talking and had that “it feels like I have known you for a while” thing about them.

Sade and Richard would swear “love at first sight” existed because what else could you call what they feel about eachother on the very first day.

Sade and Richard had been dating for about six months and were practically inseparable. Love struck is putting it lightly. They were love meshed.
But one thing stood out about them. They were not having sex.

Sade wanted a relationship that was void of sexual contamination. She wanted something real with him. Something godly.

Richard was on the same boat initially and agreed to the “no sex” rule until she was ready but as time went on, he was getting a lil bit restless. For a sexually active guy. That loves sex. It wasn’t easy for him but she had the final say and didn’t want to pressure her.

On their second year anniversary, Sade finally gave him exclusive access into her feminity and it was breathtaking. Sade was convinced it was worth the wait. Richard on the other hand wasn’t convinced. But she had the power of sex in her palms and all he had to do was wait. An agonizing wait it was.

“I want you to meet my parents”, Richard informed Sade. Those words sounded like music in her eyes. Asides from “would you marry me?”, “meet my parents” were like a girl’s cue to know when a guy wanted to take that extra step. She agreed to his invitation and a few days later they went to see Dr. and Dr. Mrs John Obiafo.

Like a girl having sex for the first time, Sade was a nervous wreck.
“What if they don’t like me?” “What if they don’t want their son to marry a Yoruba girl”. “What if they don’t like my dreadlocks or disapprove of my kind of work”. She ran a night club.

Richard knew her concerns and tried to calm her down with his usual sugar coated repertoire of words.

“Baby you are gonna be fine. My parents aren’t crazy enough to disapprove of an angel like you. I will knock them one after the other if I hear peeeeem from their mouth”

Those words felt like baby wipes cleaning a girl’s makeup filled face. It cleaned away her fears and installed in her the sort of confidence it took a girl of her standing to conquer the male dominated World of night club owners.

She was ready to go…….

“Your parents are so nice”, she said smiling after their time with them.
“I told you you had nothing to worry about”, he said with a smirk on his face. Sade looked embarrassed and kissed him. “Yes you did baby. Yes you did”.

Sade and Richard were in their fourth year of a blissful relationship but he was yet to pop the question. Sade was worried. She intended settling down as soon as possible because among other things thr rent for her club was expiring soon. She needed to know if Richard who had moved to Port Harcourt (PH) after getting a lucrative Oil and Gas job was gonna pop the question soon so she doesn’t bother renewing her rent and move down to PH with him. Her next career move hinged on his proposal. But it was not forthcoming.

Richard’s reason: Career ladder.

Richard became Head Project Manager at his new firm in quick time and intended focusing all his energy and time achieving a level of financial buoyancy before getting married.

Sade felt shortchanged. He was busy furthering his career and stalking hers. “It’s not fair”, she would tell her best friend Uche.

Richard had the power of proposal in his hands and wasn’t gonna be pressured into relinquishing it.

The love life of Sade and Richard is just a testament of the many powers men and women have for/against eachother. Sex is a woman’s weapon. Marriage is a man’s. When used skillfully will get the other party on their knees or one knee as the case may be. Literally.

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  1. Blushnbrides says:

    First timer.really timely piece.

    1. I love your use of
      I’m sure it was intentional but accept my kudos. Thank you

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