Binding The Opportunist Spirit in Women

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After work yesterday, I decided to give myself a treat. I was determined forgo my usual mama-put (local restaurant) ways and venture into the fast-food restaurant territory. I deserved it. So I got into the most expensive restaurant in the City (not Lagos or Abuja pls) armed with enough money to feed me at Mama Onome’s canteen for 4 days.

I greeted the beautiful petite security guard, entered the restaurant with a swag. You know that I-want-to-spend-my-money bounce. Then as if God wanted to bless me, I met a man I had worked with a few months back.

We exchanged pleasantries, I asked after his gorgeous new wife while he ordered for some assorted things that I knew deep down if I ordered would ensure I trekked home.
As the boss, I let him finish with his order while he encouraged me to toast the slender and cute young girl attending to him.
“Oga, she’s a fine girl o but…….” I tried to muster but he interjected with
“She’s tall and two of you would look good together”.

“Your food is ready Sir” sounded like music to my ears as the attendant saved me from further embarassment .

As he was about leaving, he made a comment/offer that forms the basis of this article. He said “so what do you want to eat, pick and I will pay”.
An offer that most Tom, Dick and Harry’s will gladly jump at. An offer every Jennifer, Justina and Jasmine will dive head first into.

“Who doesn’t like free thing?” some would say especially from someone I knew and had worked with. He had good intentions but without even blinking I politely declined his offer.

“Oga, thank you. Make I pay for this one. Use the money wey u bin wan use for me buy extra chicken for madam. Tell am say na me buy am” (roughely translated to mean “thanks for the offer, kindly buy something extra for your wife on my behalf”). I said with a smile and he laughed. We said our goodbyes and he left.

I thought to myself. I am the one that entered this restaurant with the I-want-to-spend-my-money swag and this man wants to use awoof (free gift) to spoil it for me. I worked hard for the small money I was about spending on myself and no one was gonna take away that sense of fulfillment I was bound to get when I wrap my jaw bones around that huge laps of chicken I was about buying with my money.

Most human beings are born to crave for free things especially the female folk. Society has built men differently, they are told to work hard for everything they have either legit or illegal. Even to have a girlfriend, a guy has to work hard not only to get a girl’s attention but to impress and keep her (more times than not, financially). No reasonable guy would appreciate/value a lady that fell on his laps. The kind of lady he didn’t labour for.

Ladies on the other hand from birth are built to receive, receive and receive. They not only receive compliments, they receive gifts from men, receive money, receive recharge card, receive attention etc.

You meet a girl you like and that’s when the opportunist spirit in her remembers she hasn’t payed her school fees, or that her house rent was due or that she needed a new phone. Many men are also opportunist in nature but women hold a Master’s degree in this aspect.

Enough already. Are you a tax collector? You take money/gifts meant for a married man’s children and wife to flaunt on IG. You take a hard working guy’s money in the name of love. You take advantage of a love struck girl’s emotions, sleep with her, brag about it with your friends and leave her heartbroken. Isn’t it time you worked for everything you got so as to get a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day? Think about it.

Note: “Binding The Opportunist Spirit in People” surely wasn’t gonna get as much attention as “Binding The Opportunist Spirit in Women” would have. Forgive me ladies. Just selling my market. Nothing personal.

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