What Laying Your Bed Says About You


Living alone for over five years taught me a valuable lesson and that is, a true person’s character isn’t in what they say or even what they do but a true person’s character/upbringing is seen in how they lay their beds after waking up.

This might sound absurd to some readers but before you pass judgment, here me out.

While growing up, my mother (don’t know about yours) would always drum the “lay your bed” mantra into our ears before we leave for school. She always made it seem like laying our beds was our meal ticket. Don’t lay your bed and go to school hungry and then come back to some strokes of her cane.

Laying one’s bed every morning before going out takes a very rare level of discipline. Laying a bed shows you value where you sleep, you look forward to taking care of it and best of all, you arrive home after a long day to meet your well dressed bed awaiting your embrace. Only if beds could talk, well dressed beds would speak of their admiration for their owners.



Beds aren’t ordinary places where we tend to lay our heads, fall asleep to wake up the next day and move on.

Beds are the most significant furniture in the World even more significant than a desk. Whereas desks could be seen as where we get educated in school and where business deals are trashed out at the office.


Beds on the other hand are where life’s greatest pleasures are achieved. From sex or love making as the case may be to exchanged kisses, mutual cuddles, warm hugs and sensual talks.

images (1)

Beds are also where life is born (the maternity bed where your mum gave birth to you). Where babies sleep so beautifully (the cradle). Where sick people are nurtured back to health (the hospital bed).


Most importantly, beds are where all human beings go to in a bid to rest their brains and wake up refreshed. Where dreams are dreamt, ideas are born, tears are cried, broken hearts are healed and even prayers are said.


Sadly, beds are also where most people depart this Earth to the World beyond.

The importance of “bed” cannot be overemphasized and the value of dressing it, making it feel special is often neglected.


Just the other day, I traveled out for a work related meeting in a Southern Eastern State in Nigeria.
While checking out of my hotel room, I cleaned the room, arranged the furniture as I had met them, took out the trash, dressed the humongous bed and left. A few minutes later, I came back to collect the receipt for my stay at the hotel and the receptionist was gushing on and on about how clean my room looked. She asked if I stayed in the room at all. In her words, “I have never seen a room that clean after being used, even the cleaner could not believe someone had stayed in the room”.

There is nothing more disheartening than a guest that stays over in my house and doesn’t lay the bed before heading out. It’s a heartbreaking sight.

If you have the godly habit of laying your bed after getting up then kudos to you. If on the other hand, you spend more time on your looks before heading out and leave your bed looking grumpy. It’s time you make a change.

Remember, as you make your bed, so you will lay on it.


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