Anger and Alcohol: True Character Detectors


The truth is that people pretend not because they have bad intentions but because they feel pretending to be something they are not is the only way to get something/someone they don’t deserve.

A guy could act all caring, nice, responsible, sweet and a perfect gentleman until he gets what he wants from a lady (usually sex or a relationship) and his true character comes out. The same generous guy becomes tight-fisted, the same calm guy starts flaring up at the slightest provocation. The same romantic guy cares less about your emotions when he wants sex.

A girl acts motherly, responsible, sweeps the house, takes care of you, greets your parents and siblings until she gets what she wants (usually marriage or money) and her true character shows. The same motherly girl isn’t bothered about what you eat and would rather order take away. The same courteous girl picks up a fight with your family at the slightest provocation.

The truth is that people pretend. It’s in their DNA but there are two pretense vanishing antidotes known to man: ANGER and ALCOHOL.


It’s no secret that alcohol has this liberating effect on human beings. It makes people bolder, freer-er and lighter. I hear people say “I was high, I didn’t know what I was doing”. That’s a very big lie. Highness is not a state of helplessness, being drunk is a state of helplessness. Highness is the state between normal senses and no senses (drunk state). Anything done in a high state is something the person had always wanted to do but wasn’t courageous enough to do it.


So if your boyfriend slaps you and blames it on alcohol, act like you believe him and thank alcohol for revealing a future wife beater to you.

If your girlfriend sleeps with her boss and blames it on alcohol, don’t even act like you believe her. She’s always been thinking of sleeping with him, alcohol just gave her an excuse.

Pay attention to people when they talk but pay extra attention when they are high. Their brains would say their true feelings because they are too high to makeup, tell and remember lies.


While going through my feed of daily news and gossip, I came across this very interesting gist by Ali Baba (the Nigerian comedian). The story is long but it has to do with this friend of Ali Baba’s. So the dude, let’s call him Jude has this babe, let’s call her Judith. Real life story. Stay with me.

So Judith heard a rumor from her friends that her boyfriend Jude had impregnated a girl. She got very ANGRY and instead of confronting her boyfriend, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She broke the driver’s side of the window of his G-Wagon with a flower vase and rained curses on him, abused his generation  and even said he’s lucky she didn’t poison him.

Below is a screenshot of her assorted insults.

20160418_121636_EZRepost 2

After her insult session, the truth came out and her boyfriend wasn’t the one that impregnated the girl in question. It was simply a case of mistaken identity.

Now she claims she’s sorry, she has been begging him to take her back, she even told her mother to beg for her and in her own words “if I did not love you, I wouldn’t have reacted the way I reacted”.

Below is a screenshot of her assorted apology.

20160418_121636_EZRepost 3

20160418_121636_EZRepost 4In the midst of her anger, her true character came out from hiding. That vicious, vindictive, destructive, insulting and jump-into-conclusion personality that she had kept hidden for years came out.

No matter how hard this dude prayed for a life partner, only a bout of anger was enough to reveal the true colour of his wife-to-be and helped him avert a life of misery.

Remember, when a guy slaps you or rains insults on you when he is angry/high, he just showed you his true character. Either flee for your life or stick with him forever but don’t act all surprised when he sends you the hospital with a broken jaw and damaged face.

Lastly, listen to people when they talk but pay closer attention to what they say or do when they are high or angry. That’s their true character. Trust me.


Below is a screenshot on Ali Baba’s post on IG. Click HERE to read the post on

2016-04-18 12.24.37

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