Social Media: Its Brainwashing Effects (Part 2)


Social media has emerged as a new frontier in the developing world. Information can be passed within seconds, good and services rendered within minutes. The ease at which social media and its pros have penetrated into our subconscious has led to the unconscious penetrations of its cons.

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Gone are the days where cellphones were used by smart people. Folks that could speak proper English or communicate effectively in their language.
We are in the age where smartphones are used by dull not-so-smart people. The era where every word is shortened to speed up typing. Where words like “sup, waddup, how far, awayu, gud pm, gud am” have replaced “how are you?, hope you are doing fine?, good afternoon, how is life treating you” in the vocabulary of the young ones. The age where people so familiar and accustomed with Facebook, IG, Twitter, BBM, WhatsApp don’t even know how to operate a computer or successfully type a letter. Whether formal or informal or even semi formal.

Gone are the days when buying and watching porn was “sacred”. The days where those in porn videos where actually paid for their services: porn stars. The days when porn was seen as a “man’s thing”. The days when it took a trip to the video shop and a sleek request for porn for the sales boy to unveil the hidden stack of porn tapes and cd’s. The days when porn was a man’s way of “relieving” sexual tension when his wife wasn’t around or having her monthly cycle. The days when porn was used by couples to learn new avenues for sexual satisfaction among themselves.
In this social media age, porn is no longer acted by porn stars. In fact porn stars are slowly going out of business because of the quest for homemade porn. Porn stars are given a run for their money by that boy and girl who happen to introduce a camera into the picture while having sex. Videos of guys and girls having sex in their rooms where unheard of in the pre social media era but have become a norm in this era.
Acquiring porn has evolved from cumbersome procedure of going to a video shop to simply having enough data on one’s phone and locating the right websites. Porn is readily available. Porn which was formerly seen as a “man’s thing” has transformed into an “everyone’s thing”. Girls are proud to flaunt their catalog of porn videos and pictures to anyone interested.

Gone are the days where young people actually improved themselves by visiting libraries, reading newspapers, reading books (novels, motivational and self improvement books), reading news journals and magazines.
This is the era where newspapers are collecting dust at newsstands and libraries are only visited by the elderly (too old-fashioned for computer based learning). Instead of reading a book a week, young people spend all their time chatting away their lives, distributing likes on IG, retweeeting tweets on Twitter, watching movies or sleeping (tired from the overnight sojourn into the social media world). Instead of reaching out to newspapers to get informed, blogs are the preferred destination and many of these blogs often publish mature content. Who are we kidding?

Gone are the days when people were social and acted responsibly around others. A couple of friends or family would sit around a table, have a few drinks or have dinner together bonding without any distractions.
The social media era has brought with it a bridge in communication. Instead of talking with one another, people are seen chatting on their phones.

Gone are the days where the youth were familiar with the political structure of their country. They had at the back of their hands, relevant information concerning their villages, local government areas, states, countries and even the World at large.
Nowadays, the youth are more familiar with who Kourtney Kardashian is dating, which celebrity has acquired the latest car or what recent pictures their favorite celebrity has posted on their IG page.


I could go on and on about social media, it’s vices and its detrimental effect on the World as we have it today but I bet you bored already and very eager to get back to the chat you left hanging.

Social media has been a revelation, don’t get me wrong. It has opened our eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead and make information available at the speed of sound BUT the above shows that without caution, social media could, would and is already eroding our social values and bastardizing our morals. We need to arrest this downward spiral before we give rise to parents our grandchildren would curse us for.


Put a stop to the brainwashing……

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