The Coolest Person In The World To Hang Out With………..


Sometime in the summer of 2010, something happened that changed my perception of life and myself forever.

I was home and bored after finishing school and awaiting service when I decided to go out and have some fun.

I called a few friends to join me go watch a movie at the cinemas. All claimed to be busy or unavailable but one decided he could make it.

So I got ready and as I was about leaving for the cinema which was a little over 30 minutes, he called and said he wasn’t gonna make it any longer. He begged to take a rain check because he had a girl coming over and he couldn’t lose the opportunity by going to the cinema (guys will always be

I was devasted and was about getting undressed when it dawned on me I was the one funding the trip for the both of us and going alone was even cost effective. More popcorn and drinks for

So I picked my sorry self up, got to the cinema, bought my movie ticket which came with a free popcorn and drink and entered the cinema hall alone and watched my movie.

While watching the movie, I was seated alone and was one of the most vocal at the theater. I had so much fun and ended up making friends with two cute girls seated just in front of me.

The movie ended but I wasn’t done. My day was just freaking getting started. I decided to see another movie, bought another ticket and got another free round of pop corn and drink. Got into the cinema and had another blast of excess fun. The cinema wasn’t as jam packed as the last movie but it was still hilarious. It think it was a Jack Black movie.

So the movie also ended with me in stitches with all the laughter I had just endured/enjoyed but the day was still young and going home so soon would be a disaster. “What do I do next?”, “watch another movie?”, I thought to myself. But I didn’t have enough money for another movie.

Then as I was stepping out of the movie theater, I noticed that there was no guard in between theater 4 where I was coming out from and theater 5 where another movie was been shown. Opportunity of life. I unapologetically sneaked my way into theater 5 dand continued watching the movie that was been shown. As luck would have it, the movie was just 10 minutes old. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I got out of the last movie, excited about my latest coup and the fun I had had all day when I stumbled upon an old friend of mine.

While reacquainting ourselves, she asked “so who did you come with?”, I replied “I came alone”.
I could see the surprise on her face, “you came to watch three movies all alone?”. “Yelzzzzz”, I said gloating.
“You are crazy”, she replied and we both burst out laughing.

From that day, I decided to enjoy my own company. The word “bored” was from henceforth banished from my mental dictionary.

Even when alone, I enjoy my company. I watch movies, I chat on social media, I read books, I watch documentaries, I write articles, I sleeeeeeeeep.
Long story short, I have fun with myself by myself.

I have gone to the cinemas alone.
I have gone to the bar, sat down, bought a drink with suya, enjoyed myself while admiring girls around.
I have gone to the club alone, bought drinks and flirted with a few single chicks in the club.
I have gone on a vacation alone, had excess fun, made friends and totally had a good time.

I have and continue to do things alone that people might find crazy but that’s me. I am my best friend. No one excites me more than me.
I consider myself an extroverted introvert. That kind of person that loves staying alone and enjoys his company but  when he goes out, he lights up the place.

Some people might consider me a loner, the antisocial type that prefers staying alone than the company of others. The type more concerned with myself and unbothered with others. Very far from it. The big differrence between me and a loner is that I tend to go out and have fun alone while involving others along the way.

Many people find themselves boring and get bored whenever they are alone. They tend to depend on other people to initiate the fun in their lives.

I need for you to change that perception. I need you to learn how to enjoy your own company alone. You are grand masterpiece. All you need to make you tick is you. You don’t need the permission or presence of anyone or anything (alcohol, skunk) to have fun. You have all the fun embeded in you. Just open up with little abandon and watch life’s riches unravel in front of you.

The coolest person to hang out with in the World is


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