What To Do While Waiting On God

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“What do we do while we wait?” was the question a friend asked after reading the prequel to this article titled “For Those Getting Impatient With God“. We can’t just wait idle, so what do we do while we wait?

“What do I tell her?”, I asked the author of the article “The Holy Spirit” and then he gave me ten points but that was before taking me on a journey into the Bible.

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Are you aware that Abraham and Sarah waited for over 25 years from the time God promised them a child to when the child eventually came?

Are you also aware that Joseph waited over 13 years while enduring the pit, slavery, house boy duties and even prison before becoming the leader of his people?

Are you aware that David waited almost 20 years from the time Samuel crowned him King to eventually taking his place on the throne?

Are you also aware that Moses waited over 40 years from the time he escaped from Egypt to eventually coming back to rescue his people?

Are you aware that Jacob served for 14 years to pay for Rachel’s bride price because of the love he had for her?

Finally and most importantly, are you aware that Jesus waited 30 years from childbirth to when He was baptized and eventually the Messiah we all know Him as today?

From the beginning, God used six days to create Heaven and the Earth. Why didn’t He create everything in one day?

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God teaches us through many stories in the Bible about the virtue of patience and waiting on Him. But what do we do while waiting?

1. Keep believing: Never stop believing that your desires will come true. The moment you quit believing, the farther it becomes and the more depressed you get. Never stop believing in three things:
A. God
B. Yourself
C. Your dreams.


2. Have faith: Faith is like the fuel your desires need to stay alive. Faith is what provokes God to action. Faith is complete trust in God. Not part time trust where we put some trust in our connections or in that godfather or in our certificates. Complete, full time, absolute trust in God.


3.  Study: While waiting for that job, improve yourself, get certified. Learn a trade. Build your CV. While waiting for that marriage, read books and attend seminars on marriage and relationships. Never be caught idle while waiting. Study to show thyself approved (2 Timothy 2:15).


4. Concentration on God’s Word: The media has filled job seekers with fear. From the Dollar is now N400 to companies are laying off staff. Stop digesting World news, focus on Gods news which says in 3 John 2 that “I wish above all things that thou prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth”. God doesn’t need to know the Dollar rate to bless you. Your blessings won’t come from abroad but from above.

Ladies are told to snatch another woman’s husband because men are scarce but forget that God said in Isaiah 34:16 that “not one will lack her mate (husband)”.

A man is scared of his low sperm count or a woman is worried about her blocked Fallopian tube or lack of menses but they forget that the same God who gave Sarah a child when she had passed menopause and was even on menofullstop. The same God that said in Exodus 23:26 “none shall be barren in the land”. That same God can turn fibriod to fine boy can give them a child without fuzz.

Whose report do you believe?


5. Work for God: Instead of remaining idle, why not word judiciously in God’s house as a cleaner, chorister, usher, drummer etc. Work for God and God will reward you handsomely.

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6. Fill yourself up: Get edifying materials from men of God. Read books, listen to tapes, get motivational materials. Fill yourself up so much that doubt, unbelief and self pity have no room to stay.


7. Watch your friends:  The friends you keep in this trying time will determine how well you fare. A lady that keeps desperate, wayward, scandalous friends will be tempted to follow them out at night to make some money. A lady on the other hand that keeps faith boosting friends will follow her friends to church programs and share job opportunities with each other. Cut your friends before your friends cut your destiny. The Bible says in Proverbs 13:20 “Walk with the wise and become wise. Associate with fools and get I’m trouble”.


8. Forgiveness: To forgive is to let go and to let go is to let God in. Keeping a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. You only hurt yourself in the process. To move ahead you need to let go of the past. It’s slowing you down unconsciously. Most importantly, forgive yourself. You would have done better if you knew what you know now.


9. Prayer: A prayer less Christian is like a weapon less Christian. Prayer boosts spiritually just as food boosts physically. Keep praying.

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10. Smile: The powerful thing about smiling is that it is medicinal.

Smiling has the power of relaxing the mind, delighting the heart, boosting the immune system – Dr. TP Chia

Smiling also adds value to the face, making people look sweeter, finer, younger, friendlier and approachable – Dr. TP Chia

When something is wrong don’t cry, put your head up high and smile and watch the devil get pissed.

Always remember that smiling doesn’t always mean you are completely happy, sometimes it means you want to avoid sadness.

Lastly, silence and smile are two powerful tools. Smile is the way to solve many problems and silence is the way to avoid many problems.


Smile for Jesus people, its all gonna be fine.


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