10 Things Dogs Teach Humans About Life


Have you ever wondered why dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend? Have you ever wondered why they are the closest friend man has in the animal kingdom? The following are the characteristics if a dog that endears them to man and why man should continually learn from them.

1. Unconditional Love: The love a dog has for its owner can not be quantified. Only if dogs could express their feelings in words. On the other hand, humans have forgotten the golden rule of love which is never expect anything in return. Humans only love to be loved back. Humans only give to be given back. Humans are selfish with love whereas dogs are selfless with love. A dog doesn’t need iPhone 6 or money or a car to love you. It loves unconditionally. Only if humans could ever be that selfless.


2. Listening ear: Dogs listen more than they speak (bark). Humans on the other hand have diarrhea of the mouth. Everyone wants to have their opinion heard instead of listening. As Dalai Lama said “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new”. Talk less and listen more. Remember “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”- Epictetus.

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3. Obedience and Respect: A well trained dog has respect for its owner. It knows when to leave the house and go out to poo or pee. A well trained dog obeys the voice of his owner/instructor. Immediately it hears a familiar instruction attached to its name, it obeys without questions asked. For example “Bingo, sit. Bingo, shake me. Bingo, go to your cage”. The dog doesn’t ask “why should I sit or why should I go to my cage?”. It obeys instantly. Humans should learn to obey their maker (God) instantly without questioning His motives.


4. Loyalty: I will never forget the story of a man that went hiking with a friend and his dog. Days after their journey commenced, he was found dead and his friend missing (assumed dead) but the most remarkable part of the story was that the dead man’s dog was seen guarding its dead owner. So even in death, the dog remained loyal.  A lesson to humans who switch allegiance whenever it suits them. Nigerian politicians in particular.


5. Trust: A dog is an embodiment of trust. A dog trusts his owner to a fault. It never questions the food it is given (what if the food is poisoned?), it never questions instructions given. A dog just blindly believes that it’s owner has its best interest at heart and would never do anything to hurt it.
Man should learn to trust God whole heatedly.


6. Protection: Imagine Alex owes David a certain amount of money but has refused to pay. Then one day while Alex was away, David sneaks into his compound to take anything belonging to Alex as collateral for him to pay up. He enters the compound and is faced with John bull (Alex’s dog). Do you think the dog cares if its owner was wrong by owing David? It doesn’t care who is at fault because its mission is to protect its boss and his belongings from any intruder. If David is not careful, he will add his hospital bills to the amount Alex owns him.
Same way humans should learn to protect their own from others and even themselves. Don’t use hurtful or degrading words on your partner and protect them from external hurt also. Be fast to appreciate but very slow to criticize.


7. Friendly: Dogs are the friendliest animals you can find. When I mean dogs, African guard dogs exempted because those ones are born to bite anything bite-able. Only if humans could imbibe the act of friendliness. Step out with big smile on your face and be friendly with eveyone you meet. Your smile could be what they need to kick start their day. Be like a dog.

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8. Busy: Dogs are always busy. They work for their living and get paid. A dog provides either protection or love and gets paid by being fed and taken care of. So they actually work for a living. Humans on the other hand want to be handed everything on a platter. The ladies on the other hand are the worst culprits, most have the get-a-rich-husband-or-boyfriend mentality. Ladies and humans at large, WORK.


9. Judge Not: Have you ever seen a dog look at another dog and be like “ehhhhmmm, this dog is not even in my class” or “why is this dog looking like a hoe, she is going to hell”. Dogs bark at each other, although we have no idea what they say, but I am almost sure they are not criticizing each other in their barks, maybe just fighting for territory. Only if humans can be less critical of themselves and be more accepting.


10. Smell Danger: A dog’s sense of smell is its greatest strength. As a matter of fact, a dog’s sense of smell is about 1,000 to 10,000,000 times more sensitive than a human’s (depending on the breed). A human has about 5 million scent glands in the nose, compared to a dog, who has anywhere from 125 million to 300 million (depending on the breed). Dogs capitalize on their strength which is smell to sense danger and avert it. Humans on the other hand have something greater; intuition. Human’s have allowed greed, selfishness, love, money, sex to cloud their intuition. Work with your strengths, be like a dog.

In conclusion, humans love dogs but have failed to learn these characteristics of a dog and imbibe them in their daily dealings with other human beings. The only thing humans have learnt from dogs is a sexual position. If you knew these ten characteristics and you don’t know anything about the World famous “doggy style”, raise your hand. No hands, thought as much. lol


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