Valentine Day Vote of Thanks


Another Valentine’s day has come and gone with the over hyped euphoria surrounding the day gone with it.
The Valentine’s day haters, the “it shouldn’t be only day we celebrate love” folks have another 365 days before the next Valentine’s day to renew their bitterness. The Valentine day enthusiasts, the “wear red and white combinations on Valentine’s day and go out to cool places” folks have another 365 days to plot their next Olumba Olumba mixed with Cele dressing improve on last year’s combination.
The apoche gift longing girls who see Valentine’s day as their second birthday have another 365 days to plot another innocent man’s financial ruin.
The lover boys on the other hand who have taken it upon themselves to love with their wallets instead of their heads have another 365 days to save up enough money to impress another unconcerned girl.

My thought goes out to the girls who found out that they were actually side chicks when boo suddenly fell ill on Valentine’s day or was called to work (Sunday for that
My admiration goes to the very thoughtful and heartwarming ladies who decided to spoil their men on Valentine’s day instead of bothering themselves on what he was going to get them (please I deserve some spoiling ladies, whoever and wherever you are).
My envy goes out to the husbands and wives who daily treat themselves as though valentines day was everyday but simply used Valentine’s day top renew that commitment.
My chagrin goes out to the unmarried girls who under the misguided glee of love had unprotected sex on Valentine’s day and would in a few days struggle with an African girl’s most important decision: abort (save your family the embarrassment) or not abort (risk death by the hands on her father). The decision will be clearer by November (9 months
My love goes to those that took out time to show some undiluted love to that poor man on their street or that hungry looking market woman in the neighborhood.
My appreciation goes to those that dedicated this Valentine’s day to the people that mean the most to us: family.
To those that showed love (with prayer and thanksgiving) to the most romantic, most caring, most sacrificing, most endearing, most forgiving, most fantastic Val ever. The One that deserves our love more than anything/any force/anybody in the World: God.

Finally to those of you (us) that spent Valentine’s day alone without the mushy mushy, hand holding, love wishing, body clinging bliss of the day. It’s my sincere prayer and wishes that this time next year, the ladies amongsts us would celebrate lover’s day in their husband’s arms and the guys (me too ooooo) in our midst would be enjoying their wives’ touch (kitchen and bedroom wise).

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