Women: Negotiating For Love


I decided to cook a pot of soup and stew for the busy work week ahead as the bachelor that I am (something that would surely change soon….*fingers crossed*). I got my list of food items written down on a sheet of paper and headed to the market. On getting to the busy market, I purchased all the items on the list except meat. Buying meat in the market for a bachelor could be very frustrating. Simply because there is no fixed price for meat, your knowledge, experience and negotiating power in meat buying is the difference between getting a good bargain or the worst deal possible. The meat an ignorant bachelor would buy for N1000, a smart lady could buy it for N400. It is that bad. It was as if the meat seller’s could spot a naive young man from far and choose to make as much profit from my ignorance as possible”.
Well, I had had enough of this “injustice” and decided to do something about it; look for a woman to buy the meat for me. I spotted a lady buying meat and asked her to use her knowledge of meat buying and her gender (meat seller’s take women more seriously, trust me) and it worked like magic.

This is how I buy meat….
Me: How much is this meat?
Meat seller: N800
Me: Too expensive, give me the one for N500.
Meat seller: *cuts the required portion*
Me: Haba, e too small, add something on top na.
Meat seller: He adds a few more slices.
Me: *pays him and leaves*

This is how she bought the meat for me….
Her: How much is this meat?
Meat seller: N1000 ma
Her: N1000 for what? You are not even serious. This meat for N1000?
Meat seller: Oya take am for N900
Her: I won’t even buy it for N600. Please stop wasting my time.
Meat seller: Madam, calm down. Oya take am for N700.
Her: Its N500 I have. Take it or leave it.
Meat seller: I no sell for N500.
Her: Okay then. *acts like she was leaving just to cause the meat seller to agree to sell*
Meat seller: Madam, oya come and buy.
She ends up paying N500 for the meat I would have payed N900 for.
That’s the potency of a woman’s power of negotiation when it comes to buying materials.

Now let’s see how women negotiate when it comes to relationships and the issues of the heart.

Lady: Baby why do you act like you don’t care about me?
Boyfriend: Of course you know I do.
Lady: Then why do you keep cheating on me?
Boyfriend: Sometimes I can’t help it. I am sorry.
Lady: *cries a bit and then says* Please stop making me cry. Even if you have to cheat, you don’t have to rub it in my face.
#She continues in the relationship and her boyfriend continues on his cheating spree#

Now let’s imagine a woman negotiated about love like she did in the market.

Boyfriend: Baby, its not what you think
Lady: I know right. I am the fool that always sees the good in people but once beaten is twice shy.
Boyfriend: What are you saying?
Lady: I am saying that you are toxic to my happiness and you clearly don’t deserve my love.
Boyfriend: But I said I am sorry. It won’t happen again.
Lady: You bet it won’t. I am done with your cheating ass. No more second chances.
Boyfriend: Comon, give me another chance.
Lady: You have exhausted your second chances man. I am done with you. I love myself too much to be treated like trash. Bye looser.
*she goes away to cry for a week because she loves him dearly but she knew the relationship wasn’t right for her*


The major difference between a woman’s market place negotiation and negotiating for love is the use of the brain and the heart. When a woman negotiates in the market she uses her brain but when she negotiates for love she uses her heart.
Women have to realize that using the heart to negotiate with men would always lead to a bad deal. Remember women always say, “men don’t have a heart” but they keep using a heart when negotiating with them. Not too smart is it? Try as much as possible to get the best deal in your relationship, stop paying for less. Wisen up ladies.


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