Women: Social Media And Marriage


I was on FB a few weeks back when I noticed a friend request from a girl that looked quite unfamiliar. I accepted the request and went ahead to message her privately with a “Hi”. We got talking and it dawned on me that her friend request was actually motivated by Facebook’s cheeky ” People You May Know” section that suggests friends it “feels” you know. She was quite sweet and we chatted at length about the snow storm in New York and how she was stuck at home, her Nigerian roots, her clothing line and a few other personal details *wink*. That was how Facebook “dashed” me a friend from way across the World. A beautiful funny one at that.

A few days after this “chance encounter” while poke nosing in Linda Ikeji’s business, I came across an article she shared about a guy who found love and got married to the lady who sent him a friend request on Facebook. In his own words…..
“About 5 years ago precisely in January 2011 while on a business trip overseas on a particular morning at the hotel lobby, I noticed a friend request from a face I thought looked appealing to my eyes. I accepted. We chatted a few times then met for the first time after 6 months(in June 2011) and like they say the rest is history. Fast forward to January 2016, on the 9th and the 16th, we had our traditional and white wedding respectively and presently enjoying our honeymoon in Dubai which is the city where I was in January 2011 when I received that famous friend request”.


It’s no secret that guys have always been touted as the toasters, the ones that make the first move, the one that approach the ladies. But in this modern age, I share the opinion that girls have to take a bulk of the challenge themselves. Ladies ought to depart from the outdated and quite myopic mindset of the past. The I-can-never-approach-a-guy-first syndrome.  This school of thought belongs in the housewife era. This is the modern era where women do not wait to be found, they make themselves available.

When the creators of Facebook were contemplating dolling out the friend maker section of the site called “People You May Know”, they didn’t limit it to guys because they are the ones to send the requests (make the first move). It was made with men and women in mind.

So enough of the archaic mindset that is bound to keep women frustrated and single. Enough already. Be wise.

The writer who met his wife after she sent him a friend request concluded his pitch with “I thought you might use our story to encourage other girls to go ahead and send that friend request or DM. Lol.”

….and below are photos from their wedding and then honeymoon in Dubai.





Ladies time to send that friend request, don’t be shy…lol

Story Courtesy: http://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2016/01/lib-reader-shares-his-love-storyhow-he.html

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