5 Lessons A Car Teaches Men About Women

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In Africa, a man’s identity is tied to his car. An African man is aware that even before he opens his mouth, his car does the speaking for him. The Bible said “by their fruits, you shall know them” but in Africa, by their cars, you shall know them. A man knows the importance of not only being mobile but stepping out in a car that suits his reputation. So a car teaches a man how to treat a woman in the following ways.

1. Your wife is your identity: A woman is a reflection of her man and represents him anywhere she goes. A woman’s intelligence, poise, panache and beauty rubs off positively on her man. The same way people see your car before they see you is the same way people see your wife before they see you. An expensive, clean and presentable car drives into an occasion and everyone is at alert to see the big man that owns the ride.
The same way, a beautiful, well dressed, intelligent, funny, delectable woman would make people ask “who is this woman’s husband?”
A man should endevour to take care of his woman with even more intensity and vigor than he does his car.

2. Protect her: In a car’s life, it always has a guardian/protector. When it is made, the car manufacturer (Toyota, Audi, Mercedes) is the guardian. It then gets sold to the car sales outfit (Coscharis, Lawal Motors) becomes the guardian. From there a man buys it, and takes over as the guardian. Every car has a guardian. You will never see a good car packed on the road without someone looking after it.
Same with a woman, she always has a guardian. When she was born and grows, that responsibility falls on her father but as soon as she gets married, her husband takes over the role of her guardian.
Imagine a scenario where a careless driver bashes into the car of a man on a busy road in Lagos. The unlucky driver should get ready for either a mouthful of insults or a fistful of blows. No man would stand by and watch another man put a dent on his priced asset: his car.
In that same light, a man should protect and defend his wife even more than his car. Another man slaps/insults another man’s wife is a bigger insult to the husband of the abused woman. No matter what she did or said, no man should have the effrontery or audacity to touch your wife. Her fault or not. Teach him a lesson. Protect her.

3. Refuel her: A car no matter how beautiful or expensive it is needs to be refueled periodically for it to move the owner from one place to another. No man in his normal senses would drive a car far more than the fuel in the car would permit. But the same man that is aware that his car needs refueling would have a wife and not refuel her periodically. A woman’s fuel is attention, appreciation, admiration, care, love, words of affirmation (I love you, you are the love of my life etc).  A man that ignores his wife is as stupid as the man that drives a car to a distance of 50 km on a fuel of 10 km.

4. Brag about her: A man with a beautiful car never stops talking about it. He is with his friends and you hear things like “do you how much I bought that car? do you know the car hasn’t had one fault since I bought it?” Men are braggadocios in nature and pride themselves on telling people about their achievements and a man’s car is a major achievement. If the car could hear all the nice things men say about them, it would smile.
Men ought to brag about their wives in that light. Tell people how she made you a better man, how she makes you a happy, how she takes care of you. She might not be present when you say all these nice things but people that hear them will respect her better and it will get to her ears somehow (people talk). No woman would hear that her man speaks so highly of her outside and not walk with an extra spring in her steps. Women love to be appreciated. Never take that for granted.

5. Regular servicing: A smart car owner knows that for his car not to develop faults and remain road worthy, it needs regular servicing periodically. A woman also needs servicing on a regular basis.
i. Sexual servicing: When a man is too busy to sexually satisfy his wife, he is doomed. A man should never be too much of in a hurry to avoid foreplay. He should never be too boring and keep repeating the same sexual routine all over again. He should never be too dull to only have sex in the bed room (where the kitchen, sitting room, bathroom, car, hotel rooms still exist). A man should never fail to add to his sexual audacity. Surprise her often.
ii. Psychological servicing: A man should not wait for Valentines day, Wedding Anniversary or even his wife’s birthday to take her out and give her a treat. This should be done on a regular basis. Go out and buy clothes for her and bring them home without her asking. Book a couples only vacation. Buy her that shoe she admired in that magazine. Spoil her often and she would adore you forever.

Show me your car and I can tell how wealthy you are but show me your wife and I can tell the kind of man you are. Treat your wife with even more care than you treat your car because remember you can change your car to a bigger or even better brand but you can never change your wife. Be smart.

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