The Runs Girl That Wasnt


This is the new age, the age of run girls, the era where girls sleep with men (married or single) for money and favours. Many have blamed the economic situation, lack of jobs, family hardship on their plights and resolve to sleep around but the truth remains that where some girls have resorted to using their body to make money, others have vowed never to tow that dishonorable path and use their brain/will power backed by God’s grace to make life happen for them.
Take for example the true life story of Anaa James, 22 year old girl based in Abuja. Anna had finished Secondary school but due to the financial situation of her parents, she wasn’t able to further her education. But instead of giving up on her dreams of becoming a Microbiologist or using her body as leverage, she preferred to follow the path of honor by working hard no matter how humble the starting point was by looking for a job, getting paid, saving some money and seeing herself through school.
She had noble dreams but then reality gave her a rude awakening; no jobs. She applied for as many jobs she thought she could handle but all came back with the “sorry, we have no vacancy” verdict. Distraught, she decided to do something about her situation with the skill she knew best: snacks making. She borrowed some money as startup capital, started making snacks and selling them in Utako market in Abuja.

It was while taking this honorable path that a Leadership Newspaper reporter spotted her and interviewed her for a short story on the newspaper. In her own words “I will never sell my body for any favour. If that’s what it has to take to make it, I can’t do it and that is why I started this small business.” Regarding her earnings, the young hard worker managed to save up to N 18,000 monthly, which she deposited in a bank. She was also able to enroll herself in school and support her parents, both suffering from bad health conditions. When asked to give advice to her peers experiencing hardships, Anna advised them to understand the value of dignity in labour and create legal job opportunities for themselves.

The most heartwarming part of Anna’s story came after the initial story had been published. The Director General of National Orientation Agency (NOA) Omeri Mike who could not stay indifferent to her story. Impressed the girl’s attitude, Omeri decided to honour Anna for portraying the value of dignity in labour. At the occasion dedicated to celebration of the award granted to him by the former President Goodluck Jonathan, Omeri spoke about Anna recognizing her achievement at the hearing of the dignitaries who graced the event.
He donated N200,000 to Anna for her to go back to school. Additionally, the former Minister of State for Power Alhaji Mohammed Wakil contributed to the donation with N300,000 amount, two more people donated N200,000 and N300,000, making the total sum of one million Naira.

Her display of character, diligence, hard work and an uncompromising attitude not only resulted in honour but also riches. Anna James is a prime example that your background is no excuse to keep your back on the ground (or a man’s bed). She is the runs girl that wasn’t (she had the excuse to be one but chose not to). No excuse whatsoever. Be wise.


Original Story:
Leadership Newspapers
Modern Ghana


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