10 Reasons Girls Become Runs Girls


In the previous article titled “The Runs Girl Phenomenon Exposed” (click HERE to read), the term runs girls was clearly defined and their modus operandi was exposed. In this article, the top 10 reasons girls become runs girls are revealed.

1. Lazyness: A young girl doesn’t want to go through the rigors of learning and starting a trade. She doesn’t want to work her ass off for that meager N50,000 a month when she can use her body and make much more in a week.

2. Greed:  Greed can be defined as a mental stirring of a being’s mental force to be attracted and want to possess or grab more of something usually material things. Greed is compulsive gathering. A girl wants the latest phones, the finest clothes, the hottest shoes, the nicest bags when she can’t afford them.

3. Shortsightedness: I remember the story of a young girl who intended getting married to her boyfriend only to find out his father was a man she had runs with some years back. Runs girls sleep with whoever has the money not looking ahead and not realizing that every choice has repercussions (good or bad).

4. Lack of moral values: For a girl to meet a man she hardly even knows, open her body in his presence and engage in sexual acts with him and not feel bad about it shows the depth of her eroded moral values. Shows she doesn’t see herself beyond her body.

5. Eroded spiritual standing: Its hard to fathom a truly spiritual girl who knows and understands the scripture 1 Corinthians 6:19 which says that “your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost” using that same body to make money.

6. Impatience: She wants the beautiful things in life right now without sowing the right seeds and waiting for it to harvest with time. A runs girl usually isn’t patient enough to make it. They have the “life is too short, enjoy it while you can” mentality.

7. Pride: A runs girl thinks to herself, how can a big girl like me be seen selling recharge cards or selling clothes at the market. I am too big for such belittling jobs. Runs girls are too proud to work menial jobs.

8. Excuses: You know how runs girls can like to justify their actions by claiming its because their parents are broke or they have school fees to pay for or this for that. All are excuses and in their mind they know doing runs isn’t the last resort.

9. Peer pressure: Lesbianism like runs have a similar ingredient: peer pressure. A girl sees her friends always going out, having fun, making money, buying expensive phones, clothes and accessories. It’s only a matter of time before her friends succeed in carrying her along on one of their escapades and once she tastes the cherry, there is no going back.

10. Low self esteem: A runs girl doesn’t place much value on her brains, she doesn’t place much value on her handwork, she places all her value on the chunks of flesh on her chest, the molds of flesh on her back and the region in between her legs. That for me is the highest form of low self esteem.

11. To make ends meet: Some well meaning girls have been caught in tight situations where doing runs was the quickest fix. Although selling one’s body for money is inexcusable but its only fair to give these one’s a soft landing. Life can actually make some people make bad decisions.

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