7 Reasons Condom Use Makes Sense

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Today is World AIDS day (December 1st) and in a bid to unite people around the world in the fight against HIV/AIDS, condom maker Durex launched a social media campaign “to create the first official safe-sex emoji”.

The link between HIV prevention and condom use cannot be overemphasized. It’s true that the virus can be transmitted via other means but I dare you to see a HIV carrier and not naturally assume it was gotten through sex.

But why is the virus still being transmitted on a large scale and why are sexually active youths having issues using condoms? A few reasons abound including…

1. Sex is more enjoyable without condoms: The undeniable truth is that sex is sweeter without condoms but so is driving without seat belts on but no sane person would drive without one. Why would you compromise a future just for 15 minutes of pleasure. Not worth it.

2. Breakage: Condoms can break during sex for many reasons including:
i. Lack of lubrication: When a woman is not well lubricated either through proper foreplay or use of a lubricant, friction between her vaginal walls and the condom might lead to a breakage. Ensure to use a lubricant during sex to avoid condom breakage.
ii. Improperly worn: The truth is that many men cannot wear a condom properly. Some wear it so badly that there is no space for semen after ejaculation. When a condom is worn wrongly, breakage is very common.
iii. Wrong size: What condom manufacturers don’t tell people especially in Africa is that condoms have sizes. Not every condom is for every penis size. Some condoms are 2 inches wide, others 2.5 inches while the XL’s are 2.75 inches. It’s important for a man to know his condom size so as not to wear oversize or under-size.

3. Love: Faithfulness has a big part to play for lack of condom use for couples in love or in committed relationships. You might be faithful and she might not be. You might be committed and she might not be. Instead of using your level of faithfulness to judge someone else’s. Use a condom no matter what. When married then take it off.

4. The rush: You know that feeling when you both are tearing each other’s clothes off and there is the temptation to go in raw. Just stop for a minute and think. Think. I know stopping to put on a condom spoils the intensity but my dear, make the right decision and spoil the intensity than the wrong one and ruin your life forever.

5. Female power: Ultimately, the power of condom us lies with the lady. When a girl insists on condom use, the guy has no option but to follow her lead. A girl should never bend. Not even for his puppy face begging for raw entry (you get pregnant, his puppy face would be no where to be found). Insist on condom use even before your pants come off. Trust me, it gets harder to insist when your pants are off.

6. Availability of condoms: I know a friend that carries a condom in his wallet and in his own words “you never can tell when and where you will need it”. As funny as it might sound, having a condom around you is very advisable. There is a big chance you might need it by 2 am and the aboki in front of your house will be closed for the night. Now the dilemma; do I compromise my stand and enjoy the night or stick to my rules and sleep horny and frustrated. Be wise.

7. Lastly, condoms have been in existence since forever. They have and continue to save lives (babies that don’t have to be aborted and HIV that doesn’t get transmitted). Abstinence remains the best option. But if you choose not to abstain, please choose to use a condom. ALWAYS, no exceptions.


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Get tested, know your HIV status, use condoms and make this world a safer place to live in.

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