30 Tips to Being A Refined Lady


1. Doesn’t keep a man waiting for more than 15 minutes. She never arrives first for a date, she makes sure he does. Keeping a guy waiting (for not too long) keeps him on his toes. On time to a guy is a sign of desperation but don’t over do it. Be smart.
2. Learns how to use courteous words like “please, thank you (not thanks), I appreciate, that’s sweet”. Being polite can never be outdated.
3. She makes sure not to go on a date with an empty stomach. When on the date, she always insists he orders first (men would always counter-insist) and makes sure she doesn’t order what she can’t finish, orders pocket friendly food and doesn’t order what she has never tried before (except she’s prepared to spend more time in the toilet than on her date).
4. There is no rule that says a man must always pay for a lady’s meals. Stand out for once. Insist you pay in a subtle way and make him object by saying “common, don’t worry, I will pay”. A man’s ego is more important than his money, only the stingy ones will actually let you pay. RUN.
5. Men can smell desperation from a mile away. Even if you gave him your number, give him the “whose this?” reaction when he calls at first. Don’t be too eager to pick his calls at the onset, Don’t over do things even if the love is already getting into your head.
6. Smart ladies don’t wait for a guy they like to make the first move. They initiate the first move. Note: There is a difference between initiating and making. Walking up to a guy you like and saying “hi, sorry to bother you but do you know any Kevin, you both look so much alike I assumed you are his brother or something” (obviously, its all a lie), he replies with “sorry, I don’t” and you are like “okay then, sorry to bother you” and walk away. He would naturally call you back and try to initiate a conversation (you win). That’s initiation. Making the first move is walking up to a guy and telling him you like him. Never do that.
7. Never be caught pants down in the kitchen. Know how to cook and be a pretty damn cook.
8. A woman’s hair is the window to her soul. It’s not about how expensive your weave/hair extensions/human hair is, what matters is that they are neat, smell nice and are tidy. Remember, men care less about your hair, girls on low cut steal the boyfriend’s of girls on Brazilian hair everyday. If on your natural hair, make it neat and tidy. Simple.
9. Don’t be in a hurry to give out your cookies. Have a rule that works for you and strive hard to keep it. Some girls have the no sex till the 5th date rule. Get one that works for you and keep it religiously.
10. Never expose your body in church no matter what. No cleavage, no low cut dresses. Don’t be the reason a man went to hell with the dressing you wore to church. Be cordial in church with everybody and learn to say hi. Be a worker in church because working for God is the most selfless thing you would ever do and God will reward you handsomely.
11. It is true that fair skinned girls get more attention than dark skinned girls. Its also true that skinny girls get more attention than their bigger counterparts. The truth is that for your size, you can change that by working out and getting in shape. If you feel you are too big, get slimmer. But for your complexion, avoid falling into the bleaching trap. Black is beauty. Appreciate what God gave you.
12. Carry yourself with confidence, its sexier than any low-cut dress.
13. Letting a man hit you in the name of love is madness. Be smart girl. You deserve better.
14. Never be seen insulting a man or fighting with another lady. Its a habit that is bound to reduce your bride price.
15. Never lose your cool, be seen angry or crying. Big girls don’t cry (in public) and never let people get under your skin, no matter how much they try.
16. Gossip is sweet but never be caught gossiping about other girls or guys. If it ain’t about money, it ain’t for you.
17. Girls that can drive command respect from guys any day anytime. Learn how to drive.
18. Only wear heels if you know you can comfortably walk in them and never wear heels that make you taller than the man you are on a date with.
19. A lady is always well read and well informed especially about things men like like sports and politics.
20. A lady always prays for your future husband (whether she knows him or not) and her future family.
21. She baths twice minimum daily, she’s always clean shaven (armpit, legs and veejay). She makes sure she puts on clean undies always but never lets them show (bra straps or butt cracks are forbidden).
22. A lady is never fully dressed without a smile.
23. Never show too much leg or too much cleavage at the same time. One is enough for the day. Both at the same times gives you the stripper kinda look. She also keeps her legs together (tightly shut) when getting into or out of a car or when seated. She keeps the color of her panties a mystery.
24. Never make a sex tape or take nude pictures because when they get leaked (and they will), the girl gets the shame while the guy (who cares about the guy).
25. A lady knows her limits and abides by it. She never gets tipsy or high outside. She drinks just enough to remain sober.
26. A lady knows when to let go and move on. She’s never caught in a bad relationship because she’s afraid of starting afresh.
27. A lady loves someone more than anybody else; herself. Such self love would make her not take crap from any man born of a woman.
28. She knows when to makeup and the right amount to use at every single time. Over makeup is trashy.
29. She doesn’t envy other women. She takes the little she has and enjoys it.
30. She never sleeps with a man for money. Money comes and goes but self respect is a scarce commodity

and lastly, be the woman a man needs, not the woman that needs a man.

15 Comments Add yours

  1. duchess says:

    Hehehehe…..i hear you!PREACH! Oh and to the ladies, NEVER wear your heart on your sleeve but love you unconditionally!

  2. Ebipre says:

    OMG..this is dope!

  3. Chichi says:

    This is something else. Alot of girls need this…..soo informative

    1. Thanks b. Oya share it with friends na..lol

  4. Anu says:

    Nice one….

  5. Samantha says:

    Number 6 cracked me up. Some Nigerian guys will look at you like “is this one okay..lol”. I loved them all. Should we be expecting Part two?..lol

    1. Hahahahahaha. When I am not a Nollywood film producer. No Part 2 o..lol

  6. Trishia Patrick says:

    Very nice article. I love number 11 the most. I am definitely rebroadcasting this article. Ladies need to read this

    1. Awwwwwww….and she actually did rebroadcast. Thanks dear. God bless

  7. Jennifer says:

    Pretty cool. Lots of standards

    1. Thanks Chic. *wink*

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