The Surprise Factor: How To Make Your Girl Cry


Have you ever wondered why girls cover their mouths when their boyfriend proposes. It’s not because she didn’t expect him to propose (she’s been fasting and praying for him to propose) but because she wasn’t expecting it. Guys pull all the stops in surprising his girl before proposing because you get a genuine, tears dropping response that way. The power of the surprise factor is often underestimated. I recollect reading the story of a girl who literally fell on the ground in shock when her boyfriend came to her office to propose. Those who know them say the babe has given up on marriage and was already living with the guy full time as his ‘wife’, with or without marriage, after years of dating. So, it was a great shock for her that the guy still thought it wise to do the right thing and he did it in the presence of colleagues in her office. She was so surprised that she didn’t know when she fell on the floor on the office. Now that’s what the surprise factor does, gets you a surprise reaction.

love scatter

The surprise factor is often used when proposing but ignored when dating. What stops a romantic man from surprising his girl on her birthday/valentine/anniversary/any other day. I remember buying my girlfriend (ex now) some gifts (small cake, teddy bear, bottle of wine, wrist watch and card with less than N5,000) back then. I labeled each gift item with a note to represent what each item meant. On the cake, I wrote on a lil sheet of paper “because you add flavour to my life. Happy Birthday baby” and glued it on the cake. On the bottle of wine, I wrote “because you sweeten my heart. Happy Birthday baby”. I did this for all the items and then wrote a heart warming note in the card (a N150 card, its not about how much or how big the card is but the contents of the card in your handwriting).
So how do I get these gifts into her house without having to sneak in as a thief. She was staying with an Uncle, his wife, their little kids and a house help nanny. I couldn’t obviously get her uncle to do my bidding or even his wife. His little children were too small to help me either so that left me with the nanny. But getting her number and convincing her to help me was another task entirely. I knew what to do. I arranged a meeting with my babe and while we were gisting, she spoke about the nanny and I asked “what’s her name sef?” She told me and I marked it in my brain. After a while, I asked her to borrow me her phone to call a friend, I scrolled to her nanny’s name and saved the number.

A day before her birthday, I contacted her nanny, explained who I was (she knew because my babe had spoken to her about me) and told her about my plans. She was in. So I arranged for us to meet on the D day and gave her the basket with instructions: place the basket of gifts under my babe’s bed just enough so she doesn’t see it immediately but not too deep that she won’t see it at all.  She did as instructed and all we had to do was wait for madam to return from work.

So my babe got back from the office tired and while undressing saw something odd under her bed. She bent down, got the basket out and saw the card and gifts. I saw her call and picked it only to hear a tearful girl on the phone. She was visibly shaken and couldn’t utter an audible sentence. I just told her that she deserves everything and much more and told her to call me when she’s calm. Well, madam is married now but I am sure the memory of that day would live with her for the rest of her life.

Don’t just get your wife/girlfriend a gift without putting much thought into it. It’s more about the packaging than the cost and remember to spice it up with the surprise factor. So lets make your girl cry tears of joy for

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