10 Ways To Spend Less On Your Babe


Times are hard, oil prices are dropping like flies, oil revenue is dwindling, Naira is falling, jobs are getting harder to come by but girls are not even showing sympathy. With their insatiable desires, they haven’t considered the hard times facing the Government and even young men out there. They are not smiling but they have no idea that men are getting smarter. Enough is enough. Its time to outsmart these girls. Below are a list of things to do if you desire to maintain a buoyant love life without emptying your bank account.

1. Don’t use money to entice: The biggest mistake guys make when approaching a girl is using money as a bargaining chip. The reason why this move always fails is that you get her using money, you have no choice but to sustain her using the same avenue: money. Why not try another approach. Instead of using money/gifts to entice a girl, use your head/humor/style/gentlemanism and you don’t have to spend so much.

2. Be a good cook: I learnt from an early age that girls like to eat and I don’t blame them..lol. So how do I feed a girl without spending outrageously on fast food outlets? Learning how to cook. A friend takes a girl out on a romantic dinner and spends N5,500 in giving her a treat in Tantalizers while I  tell her how special she is by cooking for her (mind you, I spend just N2,000 filling the pot with assorted food). To spend less and be romantic doing it, learn how to cook.

3. The surprise factor: Have you ever wondered why girls cover their mouths when their boyfriend proposes. It’s not because she didn’t expect him to propose (she’s been praying he proposes) but because she wasn’t expecting it. Guys pull all the stops in surprising his girl before proposing because the power of the surprise factor is often underestimated. You are not proposing yet but you can spend a little amount of  money on something you know she would cherish and hide it somewhere for her to see. She’ll be too surprised not to appreciate it..lol. Read “The Surprise Factor: How To Make Your Girl Cry” for more info.

4. Be like a parent: I remember my boarding house days in Secondary school. My siblings and I would write a provision list for school and give it to my dad. My dad being the loving father that he is (sarcastically put) would reduce the list to what he wants to buy. The list could contain 2 tins of milk, 2 tins of Milo, 3 packs of cornflakes etc. Dad would cancel 3 and put 2 in front of cornflakes, cancel one tin of Milo and reduce the milk to one tin and one refill (he expects us to use the milk in the tin first then pour the refill inside the empty tin..lol). We would grudgingly accept the new revised list but its not until now that I realized the importance of his actions. You should not give your girl everything she asks for even if you could afford it. Be smart.

5. Communicate more via SM: Who remembers the days of midnight calls. The days were you stay awake till midnight to talk to your crush for FREE. Gone are those days, no one wants to stay up and talk all through the night when social media is now available. Instead of spending over N1000 (N7000 a week, N30k a month) on airtime just to speak to your spouse, why not communication more via BBM or Whatsapp and just make a few calls a day “just to hear her voice”. Be wise.

6. Salary barrier: A major dating error is allowing your spouse know how much you earn. A billionaire’s daughter is not afraid to ask for a brand new Range Rover jeep because she’s convinced that her father is capable. Your girlfriend would only salivate over a new iPhone 6 when she knows how much you are worth. Keep that a mystery.

7. Leave students alone: Dating a student opens you up to school bills. You are just finding your feet financially and you are been saddled with the responsibility of paying for her off campus crib, school fees and other school related items. A working class girl on the other hand doesn’t have as much financial burden as her schooling counterpart. Be wise.

8. Understanding girl: A girl could be a student and be understanding. She could be a student and be content. She could be the daughter of a millionaire that receives a million Naira allowance a month. So one could date a student and still reap financial rewards but its rare. It’s best to find yourself a girl that understands that times are hard. The kind of girl that prefers eating at a mama put to Chinese restaurants. The type of girl that eats what she can finish not fills her plate with everything on the menu just because. Be wise.

9. Don’t show off: Girls are always often advised to flaunt what their mama gave them. You have small money and you sef want to flaunt it? At least a girl can show off her assets and still have it but you can’t show off your money and still have it. Be wise.

10. Complain of hard times: Growing up my dad had a trick. As soon as its time for provisions or school fees, he would start telling us of how bad business is moving, the people owing him, bla bla bla. All these lamentations of his were just so we would be considerate when coming to ask for money. If you had 10k in mind to ask, after hearing his tales by moonlight, you would pity him and reduce it to 4k. Only if I was smarter..lol. You have a babe that is money focused, use my dad’s technique. She asks for Brazilian hair, tell her how the trade treaty between Brazil and Nigeria has been revoked by the Buhari administration and how the effect is making importation costly therefore reducing foreign exchange at the bank which leads to high exchange rate N higher bank charges (I just said rubbish but it sounds genuine right..lol). When she hears your grammar, she’ll be the one pitying you. Be wise.

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