Simple Reason Why Men Cheat More Than Women


Cheating is always worse when a woman does it because women have more experience turning down sex. The second she walks out of her house, 98% of men that looks at her or meet her have the intention (wouldnt mind, if given the opportunity) of sleeping with her. A woman regularly turns down men’s advances either by not returning their sexual advances or not giving her phone number out or returning men’s glances. She’s regularly saying NO all the time to men (conciously or unconsciously).

Men on the other hand hardly if ever get asked by a girl to sleep with them (only the desperately desperate girls go that far or the celebritries that have the privilege of getting sex offers from girls). An average guy like me has never ever been told by a girl “hey, I like you, you are tall and fine, do you want to just have sex?” NEVER. The truth is that if a girl did ask me, my brain would probably explode because I don’t know how to deal with such a question.

A guy has to work his ass off to go on a date with a girl talkless of sleeping with her. He has to be fun to be with, caring, romantic, funny, sweet, fine, tall, he must have the right words to say, the money to spend (by calling her often or sending her airtime or taking her out or even getting her birthday gifts). For a guy to get laid, he needs the above to be on point and more to even stand a chance but a girl on the other hand doesn’t even need to be fine. She just needs to be a girl. A girl can pick up her phone and decide to sleep with 20 men every week on her contacts and its very possible. Just because she’s a girl.

The point here is this, when people accuse men of cheating, they don’t understand the dynamics of cheating. When a woman cheats, a lot has to be in place. Certain conditions have to be met. These include; love, her rep, feelings, affection, her monthly cycle, financial security, physical attributes etc. A women has to think about it, weigh the pros and cons, seperate the wheat [eligible gentlemen] from the chaff [ineligible men] and then narrow down the eligible gentlemen into a smaller section then chooses the most eligible to cheat with. Its a cumbersome task that usually takes a long time to complete.  On the other hand, a man doesn’t think about anything, no emotions attached, no love, no nothing. He could meet a girl today and the deed is done. As long as the opportunity presents itself, an average man is good to go.

Have you ever wondered why its easier for a woman to forgive her man for cheating than it is for a man to forgive her women for cheating?
Simply put, it is worse when a woman cheats because when a woman cheats its premeditated cheating but when a man cheats, its just cheating

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