Keeping Your Relationship Private


With the advent of social media, there is not much room for privacy anymore. People post such private information from their last meal to pictures of who they are currently dating.


It’s cute to flaunt your boyfriend on social media, its quite cute I must say but such private information is bound to come back and bite you in the ass.


Should you keep your relationship a secret? Hell no. The key word is privacy not secrecy. Keep your relationship private without keeping your partner a secret. There is a difference between privacy and secrecy.


A friend’s story springs to mind. She was fond of posting pictures of her boyfriend on BBM. His pictures and theirs littered her display picture with heartwarming messages on her pm. It was cute I must say but I thought it was too much info/publicity and I told her about my reservations. She took it in good faith and reduced the frequency of her posts. Less than 2 months after my advice, they broke up.  She already made her love life public so came the “what of your boyfriend?”, “we haven’t seen him on your dp for a while now”, “how are your both?” and “are you still dating him?” questions. How awkward talking about an ex. She’s currently dating someone else but I had to ask her to even know she was seeing someone. She obviously learnt from her mistakes.


Stop taking your private matters to public platforms. Don’t complain about people being all in your relationship, when you’re personally sending out the invitations. The truth is that social networks don’t break up relationship. The shit you post on social networks breaks up relationship.


Don’t involve the public, involve friends and family very cautiously giving out as little information as possible. When you put boundaries around your relationship, people learn to respect your privacy. You don’t need everyone’s opinion, so don’t open the door for folks to share their opinions.


Be in love but also be wise.

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  1. DBeauty says:

    Nice one sir. Thanks for sharing. More grace

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