The Jollof Rice Mentality


No matter how divided Nigeria seems to look in the face of political buhaha, ethnic bigotry and terroristic terrorism, one thing that binds us together even more than football is our Jollof rice.  You can make fun of our girls, insult our leaders or disregard our men but disrespecting our Jollof rice? Get ready for war.


Jollof rice is to Nigeria as hot dogs is to America and as chicken and chips is to Britain. In fact, there is no Nigerian ceremony or party without Jollof Rice…absolutely none. As an event organizer, try excluding this priced delicacy at your own peril.


No one can give one reason why Nigerian Jollof rice is always on top of the list Nigerian and most African parties. Maybe it’s the firewood taste or the look or maybe it’s just a tradition. But one thing is for sure, Jollof rice brings Nigerians together even more than religion.



5 Benefits of Jollof Rice:

1. Makes you happy: One can never eat a well garnished Jollof rice with a sad face. It’s almost impossible.

2. Family bond: Have you ever seen a disunited family eating Jollof rice? It strengthens family bond.

images (2)
3. One love: Jollof Rice is one delicacy that brings short, tall, fat, slim, Igbo, Hausa and even Yoruba together.

images (1)
4. Solidarity forever: Who remembers the Jamie Oliver Jollof saga? He is an English celebrity chef who made the Jollof Rice using ‘weird ingredients’ and got a backlash from Africans. The way and manner with which Africans galvanized in defense of their Jollof rice got the attention British media powerhouses like BBC and The Independent. Click on HERE and HERE for more info.

5. Brings back memories: There are surely times you eat a plate of Jollof rice and remember your days as a child. Sweet memories I hope.


Remember, don’t let anyone treat you like white rice; like you can’t do without stew (them). You are Jollof rice. You are complete alone. You don’t need anyone to make you happen. You are one happening person. You are the life of the party. You are beautiful just the way you are. The same way Jollof rice doesn’t ask for your approval to be loved and appreciated, you don’t need anyone’s approval to be loved and appreciated. You are special. You are Jollof rice. Act like one.

party jollof rice


NOTE:  15630432790_2104576ba7

Reference: EUREKANAIJA and Google Images.

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