7 Things You Should Know About Sex In Marriage


1. It is boring: I’m sure you have heard tales about sex during marriage being exceptionally good, very emotional and very spicy. The type of sex a man thinks about while at the office and the type a woman thinks about while making her hair. Well, to an extent and depending on the couple, the above could be true but in most cases and realistically speaking, sex in marriage is boring. Don’t be deceived.
There are times you rather watch that movie or watch a soccer game or hang out with the guys or gist with the ladies or even SLEEP than have sex but since your spouse wants some, you have to give him/her some. You have no choice but to lie down there like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered if you are woman or climb her and shake like a epileptic patient if you are the man. Please rid your mind of amazing sex all time in marriage, you are gonna have boring sex. I promise you that.

2. It is selfless: Most times as singles or even as newly married couples, you will have the kissing-from-the-car-tearing-eachother-shirts-and-sex-on-the-floor kind of sex. The sex that both parties are ready and passionately interested in. But in other cases, you will have that let’s-make-a-baby sex or even the I’m-tired-from-work sex. Sex is not going to be convenient all the time but its your responsibility as a spouse to never ever leave your partner sex starved. Never.

3. It is fast: This scenario best explains this point. You guys are married with three kids who left the house for school. While chatting with your wife from work, you get horny which in turn gets her horny so you head home fast after work before the kids gets back. You get home with a wife half naked waiting for her knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet unto the bed. As you both are getting undressed, you realize that the kids are just 10 minutes away from home. No time for the usual foreplay ritual, its time for a quickie. Sex that usually takes 30 minutes to an hour is cut short to 5 minutes but in most cases, the shorter the more intense and the more intense the better. Get ready for short sex in marriage.

4. It is for life: The dark side about pre-marital sex is the fact that you can change your sexual partner when tired. So if a man doesn’t satisfy you like he used to or your woman isn’t as prolific as she used to be in bed then you can afford to switch and sign for another team (in football terms). In marriage, you stick to your partner FOR LIFE. So if her vagina has expanded due to childbirth or old age, remember its “our” vagina and you are bound to it for life. If his penis takes an hour to stand and falls less than 5 minutes later, remember its “our” penis and you are bound to it for life.

5. It is godly: Sex has long be taunted as something that is dirty, unholy and an eye sore to God. Although pre-marital sex could be termed the above especially the former, sex in marriage is anything but an eye sore to God.   Sex is beautiful, wonderful and very holy in the confines of marriage and its absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Continue Reading: “God Loves Sex

6. It is a secret: Your sex life is a secret to be guarded from your children, family members and even friends. Remember the days we asked our parents how we were born, and they would reply with “you came from Heaven”. Yes its that secretive. Your children should not even know you guys are making out. Also keep sex gist away from friends and family. Its where advice like “find a younger girl because your wife is not satisfying you” or “get yourself a small boy to make you feel like a woman” emanates from. If you need sex advice, speak to people experienced in the field.

7. It is natural: I have had girls who are virgins worry about satisfying their much experienced spouses when they married and my response has always been the same “the same way a baby was not taught how to breathe because its only natural as a human being to breathe, the same applies to sex, no one can teach you to have sex because its natural.”
When God created Adam and Eve, the Bible said in Genesis 1:7 “Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply.””
What caught my attention about this verse is the fact that He told them to multiply (through sex obviously) but never taught them how to do it. Remember the verse said “He blessed them” meaning he blessed them with the act/knowledge/skill to have sex and multiply.
Never be too anxious, sex is natural to you and you will get better with time. Everyone gets better with practice, remember to learn and unlearn with your partner, be adventurous, leave your comfort zone and explore.

Enjoy a wonderful sex life IN MARRIAGE.

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