LOVE: How Young and Old People See It

old and young love

I was having a conversation with a friend when the issue of love came up. She was of the opinion that old people and young people saw love very differently and the points she made coupled with a few of mine inspired this article.



Young people see love as a feeling, that butterflies-in-the-stomach kinda feeling, the feeling that keeps you up all night chatting on social media. The kind of feeling that sweeps you off your feet. The young people love is the selfish love that wants the partner to be there always for them, to give to them, to enrich them. From a young lady’s perspective, love is one that is always there for them both physically and emotionally. Love to a young lady is about financial rewards, “if he loves me, he will provide for me, he will be there for me always, he will make sure I lack nothing”.
From a young man’s perspective, love is one that is always there for them physically and sexually. Love to a young man is about sexual rewards, “if she loves me, she will be there for me, she will make sure I am sexually satisfied”.
Young people’s love is mostly selfish and one that seeks to take as much as possible from the other person. Young people’s love is always about one person “ME”. Young people find it hard to see things from their partner’s perspective. It is always about “how she broke my heart”, “how he hurt my feelings”, “how he was too selfish to take care of my financial needs”, “how she resisted my moves to have sex”.
Young people’s love has an expiring date, it always lasts until the other party does wrong or as soon as the love cloud fades and faults are visible. Young people’s love is conditional, the give-me-something-before-you-get-something-in-return kinda love. Young people’s love is barely sacrificial and very short tempered. Young people’s love is mainly sex-centered. It’s about that passionate time in between the sheets. The intense sexual chemistry between lovers and the bond shared. Young people’s love is mostly about the physical; facial beauty, height, bust, ass, boobs, hips.


true love


Old people have taken love from a mere feeling to a more powerful force called commitment. A commitment to stay with their partner in sickness and in health, in rich and poor. Old people see love as sacrificial. “I give up this for him not because I am comfortable doing it but because I know it’s best for him and for now its all about him not me”. Old people’s love is about forgiveness, forgiveness and more forgiveness. Whereas young people’s love counts wrong, old people have no time or even the memory to remember wrongs. All they do is forgive that drunkard or a man, that cheating husband, that venomous wife, that troublesome woman.
Old people started sex before most young people’s parents even left the University so sex isn’t much of an issue. That hand holding moment, that peck, that hug means more to old people that to young people. When young people get offended by their spouse, breakup or divorce flashes at the back of their minds but when old people get offended by their spouse, it’s too late to even entertain the idea of finding someone else so breakup/divorce is even out of it when death is in on the horizon. Old people’s love is very patient and sacrificial. Old people’s love has gone pass physical looks because everything is now saggy, rough and some don’t even stand, it’s now about the emotional and the psychological.

Young people have a lot to learn from the old folks and the most important lesson is in the field of love. The more the young ones talk and learn from old folks, the better and longer their relationships would be and the happier they would be in general.

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  1. Alana Moore says:

    Nice… thank you.

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