Women And Their Biggest Problem: Other Women

women hate eachother2

The Feminism train has been on the move bulldozing any form of male dominance. Women who feel men are their biggest problem often champion this movement and leave no one in doubt of their men-are-the-problem-women-have message. No doubt, men have played their unenviable role in the marginalization of women in the society but in truth, men are not the problem that women have, women are.
The problem with the focus of feminism is the fact that men have been solely blamed as the problem women have ignoring a theory: women are their own biggest enemies.

1. Some women are plain daft: The story of a friend comes to mind. She’s single and recently met a man she who according to her betrayed her trust. In her own words “I met this guy, we went to the movies and had lunch together. While we were speaking, I noticed a ring on his finger but he denied being married and I believed him. We even kissed only for me to get a call from his wife who confirmed he was married and all”. She ended her confession/counseling session with the question “why are men wicked?”. Men fool women because women are gullible. A girl sees the main evidence of marriage (his wedding ring) and she still chooses to believe his lies? Now whose at fault for her misfortune? Feminists would say the man for deceiving the lady. I would say, the lady for being stupid enough to be deceived.

2. Women are selfish: It is not news that married men are fond of violating their marriage vows by philandering with much younger girls. A feminist’s view of this despicable act would be to blame the men for not keeping their trousers zipped. I agree to a certain degree but let’s look at it from the fisherman’s angle.
A fisherman sets a fishing line laced with a hook and some fish food. He comes back the next day and meets a hooked fish. Are you aware that over 50 fishes saw that fishing line but somehow realized it was too good to be true and left it untouched but one foolish fish came, saw, somehow knew it was a trap but still fell for it. Men are the fisherman, the hook is his appearance and charisma while the fish food is either money, security, care or marriage while the fish is ladies. Most ladies realize that the man is married and stay clear but the foolish ones either in search of financial support or sexual satisfaction fall prey with their eyes open and they blame the men? A woman is fully aware that a man is married to another woman but still fools around with him. A classic case of women doing women.

3. Women bring eachother down: Women have a knack for pulling eachother down. A woman makes enough money to get herself a car and other women naturally assume one Alhaji or a sugar daddy got it for her. A woman diligently works herself to the top of her company and other women will enviously insinuate that she’s sleeping with the Managing Director. Let’s take for example, female celebrities on Twitter or Instagram get more hate from other females while all the men think about is sleeping with them..lol. When a man sees a successful man, he gets motivated to replicate or even surpass that success level but when a woman sees another successful woman, most will become envious and attribute her success to external forces. Women grow up already.

4. Women envy eachother: Females are the most envious and spiteful humans on the planet. A man has an argument with another man which might even involve some fist throwing and name calling. In less than 24 hours, those two men would be seen drinking together laughing away their differences. But women, fist throwing is even too much, ordinary argument and these women can keep malice with eachother for years. This level of bitterness to eachother even transcends to strangers of the female folk. A lady passes by a group of men and all the men do is notice the good things about the lady like her beauty, her dressing, her body etc but let that same lady walk by a group of ladies and all you will hear are things like “see her very bad makeup”, “her eyebrows arent even in tandum”, “her boobs are even flat”, “her dress is aweful”, “she can’t even walk well on those ugly heels”.
Ladies, why the hate?

5. Women constantly put other women and even men under pressure: It is no secret that women dress up to oppress other women than they do to impress men. The truth is that most men (asides hair stylists) know the difference between Brazilian, Peruvian, Indonesian or even Indian hairs but most women do. A woman dresses up with money she can’t afford and then puts other women under pressure to keep up. These insecure girls then put their fathers under pressure to supply the money for their enhanced upkeep, their fathers can’t meet up and then they transfer the pressure to their boyfriends who can’t obviously keep up so these boys steal/commit fraud to meet up with their girlfriends’ demands. When their boyfriends can’t meet up, married men/sugar daddies/aristos are the next point of call.

Women are not even united in their feministic battle for equality, while some are fighting for equality, others are fighting with each other for superiority.
Dear women, remember that a united herd of gazelles will defeat a divided pride of lions. Be wise.

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