Sex: A Woman’s Bargaining Chip


Question: I will like to engage your thoughts on another very important topic of our time which is prostitution. How can humanity put an end to prostitution for the sake of a cleaner and better world? Keep up the good work – Mary

Answer: The world can never put an end to prostitution because for starters, we cannot even define prostitution. Who is a prostitute? The dictionary definition of a prostitute is a person you pay to have sex with, right? Now if paying for sex is what makes it prostitution, then what we are saying is that all women and some men are prostitutes because they all get paid for the pleasure of their company. Is that what we are saying? I hope not. If the payment aspect of a physical relationship is what worries law makers, well I have news for you. Sex has never been free and will never be free. Nothing valuable in this world is free.
So how can sex be free? One way or another, men have always paid for the sex they get from their wives, girlfriends, mistresses and hookers, whether they are paying cash or paying for the rent, clothes, school fees, travel, children’s upkeep, gifts etc. Payment is payment.
Female companionship of any form will cost you, period. So why should the woman standing on the street give it up for free when wives and girlfriends get maintained by their men? Society makes laws telling women not to accept payment for sex otherwise they will be prostituting. Yet the same society applauds the institution of marriage even though the sex we get from the wife is the most expensive sex of them all. Society lacks clarity in this area. Men have always paid for sex. Everybody knows that. This is why Germany legalized prostitution. They just got tired of fooling themselves.
Men and women are born with basic and distinct survival attributes. For men, it is their strength and aggression. For women, it is their sexuality. That is how the gender roles got established. As the bread winner, the man controls the money while the woman controls the sex. This shared control has ensured a balance of power between the sexes. So society cannot now tell women to have sex for free. When a woman loses that sexual power, they lose everything because men already dominate the world. A woman’s sexuality is her primal and ultimate security. No legislation anywhere should take that away from them. This will only perpetuate male dominance over women. And by the way, if it were at all possible to put an end to prostitution, it will not lead to a cleaner and better world as you say. It will only multiply rape and sexual crimes by a million percent because man has got to have sex, one way or another.


Culled From COMMON SEXUAL PROBLEMS AND THEIR NOVELTY BASED SOLUTIONS by Uche Edochie, MD, Zee Virtual Media on Vanguard Newspapers (Tuesday, April 7th, 2015, page 37)


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