Africans And The I-Better-Pass-My-Neighbor Mentality


Africans and their oppression mentality. I spent some time in the UK and I can tell categorically tell you that you will never know a rich man until maybe you Google him. Rich and poor shop in the same shopping centers, rich and poor watch football matches together, rich and poor enter the same trains and buses, rich and poor live in the same areas, rich and poor’s kids attend the same schools. The so called rich folks over there drive the same cars and most have one or at most two cars.

Come down to Africa and the only similarities between rich and poor is the fact that both cry and laugh, both eat and both poo. That’s where the similarities end. The rich live in high brow areas while the poor live in low class areas. The rich acquire unspendable wealth while the poor live by hand-to-mouth. The rich have 4 or even 5 cars they drive once in a year while the poor can’t even boast of one good car. The rich would rather die than enter public transport while to the poor, public transport is the only way.  Even among the not-rich-not-poor group of people, the oppression mentality still exists in different ways; from the neighbor who buys a sound system and makes sure the volume is at its highest when playing music or movies to the neighbor who buys a generator set better than what his neighbors have.

The Whites (if I’m permitted to call them that) don’t care. They don’t care if they have just a car as long as it takes them to their destination. They don’t care about the brand of phone as long as they can communicate with it. They don’t care about any of that. Africans on the other hand like to keep up appearances. They buy what they can’t afford just to belong. They rather borrow to keep up a borrowed reputation than admit they don’t have.
Until Africans get rid of this defeated, myopic, small minded, atrocious mentality, Africa’s bright future will only remain a mirage.


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