Africans And Their Overreligiousness


Africans and religion. We are the most religious set of people on the face of this Earth. To put this into context, I undertook my Master’s degree program in the UK, Coventry City to be precise and I can categorically tell you that the biggest church in that City is a Nigerian church. Going to church on a Sunday, you are sure not to miss white people wandering about the street, some smoking, others drinking. And these are the same whites that pay their tax, obey traffic rules, respect women, don’t bribe officials, don’t engage in sugar daddy and cougar relationships etc.
Then Africans, the most religious people on earth, the same ones that pack into church on Sundays, the same ones that pay their tithes and do not pay their taxes (even after Jesus said “give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and unto God what belongs to God «Mark 12:17»), the same ones that fast for 40 days and 40 nights at the directive of their pastors, the same ones that listen to their pastors more than the listen (read) to the Word of God. These are the people that would drop their Bibles after church and pick it up only on Sundays before church. These are the people that would fight with their neighbor because he entered the bathroom before his time. The same people that would come down from their car and harass another driver because he mistakenly bashed their car. The same people that would bribe their way out of trouble or their way into a contract. The same people that would sleep with their boss for promotion or sleep with their secretary for sexual satisfaction. The same people that would beat their wives for talking back at them or maltreat the house help for no just cause. The same set of people that would pray before an exam and yet use expo during the exam.

Africans attach everything to God and the devil; someone dies, God has a reason. Someone is poor, God has a reason. Someone commits a crime and he blames the devil. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions, since God is the supreme being, its easier to shift all the blame to Him when things are not going well. African leaders are corrupt and they are told to pray instead of doing what the Western World would have done; get those corrupt fools out of office and prosecute them. A man is jobless and he spends all his time praying and fasting instead of improving himself, acquiring employability skills, advancing himself academically, milking his contacts in his desired industry.

I am not in anyways advocating for a God less society, we can’t do anything without God for He works in us both to will and to work… (Phillipians 2:13), but enough is enough with ascribing God with everything that pertains to us. Africans are like the proverbial farmer who spends most of his time praying for harvest when he hasn’t worked on his farm, hasn’t planted any seeds. Africans are like the married couple who pray for children but don’t engage in child conceiving activities. There should be a balance between religion and common sense. We have failed to strike that balance.
Who are we deceiving I would ask?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Very much on point CJ.

    1. Thanks Aunty….. #BetterPerson

  2. onyinye says:

    Dats rite. We ar always too ready to act on d commands of dier pastors

  3. chithesp1 says:

    This is very true. I hope people can come out of this and face more important things. They need to understand that having a relationship with God is more important than religiuosness

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