Getting A Girl 301: 3 Things You Need

ella dear

Getting a girl(s) have absolutely nothing to do with handsomeness or height or money. Not that all the aforemnetioned don’t help but everything needed to get a girl lies within not on the outside. To ut this in context, I was voted finest boy in class twice between JSS1 and SS2. I was always the tallest in all my classes considering that I am presently 6ft 4in. I had small money enough to buy things for girls. So I had the face, I had the height and I had the money but I lacked one thing that kept me single till my SS3. I lacked the confidence with girls. I was a shy funny fool who had to cram words to tell a girl I once liked in my SS1. Fast forward almost 15 years and I am a chick magnet (beef if you want to but that’s the truth). How do I get chicks. 3 things are required of you.

1. Humour: Everyone likes to be happy, so having someone that makes you smile, laugh and forget your worries is a gem to have. I dare to say that if 100 women are asked what they would like in their spouses, “make me laugh” would be among the top 3 requirements. Learn how to make a girl laugh and you will win her heart in no time.

2. Confidence: Shy and timid guys always carry last, it’s the World we live in. Confident and bold guys always get the chicks. Have you ever wondered why the handsome shy guys remain single while the ugly confident ones get all the girls including the fine ones. Even if you want to say something absurd to a lady, be confident about it and you might get away with it.

3. Brashness*: The truth is “yes” guys never get the ladies. Yes guys are the type that always respond yes to a girls request. Can I get some money? YES. Can I use your car? YES. Can I slap you? YES. Dull guys think by agreeing with a girl’s requests, means she’s gonna love you. women don’t work that way. Ladies like a man that can treat their fuckup when they fuckup. They like a man that can put them in line. They like a man that can tell them what to do. Not a man that has no balls to challenge them. Not a man they can ride on.

* For lack of a better word

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