The “Chop and Clean Mouth” Mentality of Nigerian Girls


So I was bamboozling my way through the highly addictive and informative gossip blog owned by Nigeria’s number one blogger Linda Ikeji when I came across a news report of note.The story therein centers around a man and a young lady. Apparently, this man met a young lady at the VIP section of a club, he allegedly spent N17,000 on assorted drinks in a bid to impress her. After all the merryment and jollification in the club, they proceeded to a hotel. He already tasting victory (if sleeping with a girl could be called that). His testosterone levels were spiking out of control. He was already imagining things (unprintable things) he was going to do to a girl he barely knew (men for you). With such illicit thoughts going through his mind, he payed the N22,000 fee for the hotel room. According to a friend of this guy, after making so much investment on this young lady, he was expecting a return on his investment. He then proceeded to what he hoped would be a night of blissful romance only for the young lady to rebuff his advances by telling him not to touch her.
Trying to read the guy’s mind, he must have been thinking “when I was buying N17,000 drinks, I could touch you…when I was paying N22,000 for this hotel room, I could touch you, but now I want to finally touch you in the right places, I can’t touch you?” An argument ensued between both waring parties and the girl allegedly insulted him for lacking manners with his desires to sleep with her and also insulted his mother. Enraged, he punched her out of vexation. What happened afterwards wasn’t documented but the next day according to the news source, the lady traced him to his office and got him arrested. He was later released after a few of his colleagues rallied round to secure his release but was subsequently suspended by his company.
My question is not if he was right to punch a lady because my stand on violence against women has not and will never change. Men that hit women or force them to have sex with them are cowards and should be treated as such. My question (group of questions) is (are); does he have a right to be expectant after spending so much on her?
It’s no secret that Nigerian girls either like to eat their cakes and have it or are ignorantly naive or just want to play dumb. A fully blooded, sense having girl who knows that men are sexual beings, that most men especially Nigerian men think with their third leg not their brains. They go out with such men, give him all the green light possible, spends his money with him with some escorting him to the ATM to withdraw some more money. Arouse him with sexual dance moves, blindly follow him to a hotel room or his house and when he desires a return on his investment, you play deaf and dumb, or “I am on my period” or the most annoying line “I am not in the mood”.
Do girls take men to be fools? Do girls assume Father Christmas really exists? Do girls think men don’t know how to spend their money? Back to the earlier story, she condemned him by claiming he lacks manners for his desire to sleep with her, but would a well mannered girl follow a man she doesn’t intend sleeping with to a hotel room or even follow a man she just met to a hotel room?
Ladies, please give yourselves brain. If you can’t stand the heat, leave the kitchen. If you don’t want a man to “think” he deserves something from you, then don’t accept favors or money from him (for your information, as long as a man invests in you, he will demand for sex, it’s only a matter of time). Following a man who you know is making advances at you to his house or a hotel is like an antelope escorting a lion to his crib only to be surprised when the lion starts tearing it apart. Ladies, be smart, but don’t be too smart. You want to eat his money and run. Remember, everyday is for the thief but one day for the owner.
No man not even your father spends on you without expecting something in return. Your father’s expectations are that you lack nothing, that you are happy, that you turn out successful. You then expect another man to spend on you and not expect anything because you are Mother Theresa? Ladies, please give yourselves brain.


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