7 Reasons Men Ask For Sex More Than Women

men and sex

The biggest sexual misconception is that men enjoy sex more than women. This notion has always been propagated by people that link frequency with level of enjoyment. So because men tend to demand for sex more than women, means they enjoy it more. Women enjoy sex more than women but men want it more than women. I’ll explain at a later time but for the purpose of this piece, I’ll try and explain why guys demand for sex more than women.
If you don’t agree, please as always, educate me. *wink*

1. It feels good: Simply put, guys like sex because they enjoy it. Human beings and even animals enjoy sex that’s the main reason God gave us sexual organs. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the REAL reasons men demand for sex. Wear your seat belts by the way, its gonna get friskier at this point.

2. Makes them feel in charge: Men are egotistic beings. Most men walk around with bloated egos while some with deflated egos. But be rest assured that all men have an ego and sexual intercourse either builds or crashes that ego. This is how sex works for men. A single man sees a girl he likes, he approaches her and they begin a friendship (he’s in charge at this juncture). This friendship develops into a relationship (he still feels in charge). He initiates sexual intercourse with sweet words/lyrics, touches, kisses and she obliges him (he now feels totally in charge). During sex, he dictates sexual positions, makes her moan, makes her orgasm (he’s ultimately in charge). She has evolved from a total stranger to his babe/girlfriend/sex mate/fiancee/wife. This evolution builds his ego, self esteem and fills his “I am in charge” battery.

3. Makes them feel accomplished: It’s no secret that men are very project driven. Whereas women are wonderful multi taskers, men are not that great at multi-tasking. This single focus would make a man go after something till he gets it. If it doesn’t, he either moves on determined to get another or quits.
Sex to a woman is a journey while sex to a man is a destination. When a man toasts a girl with the mindset of bedding her, the perverse project has commenced. When he finally sleeps with her either after days/months/years, his perverse project has been accomplished. Ladies wonder why some men walk away after sleeping with them. His project is complete that’s why. As a crazy friend put it humorously, “does the President keep campaigning after he has won the election?”

4. Mental/visual stimulation: Women are stimulated by words while men are stimulated by sight. Whereas women are stimulated by being touched, men are stimulated by the mere thought of touching a woman. This difference in stimulation technique is one of the reasons why men are sexually stimulated faster than women. It takes a man the sight of a woman to get sexually aroused while it takes a woman something more to achieve sexual arousal. This inbalance makes men faster and more preoccupied with sexual thoughts than women and this preoccupation will almost lead to a higher sexual drive.

5. Higher sex drive: Talking about sex drive, men have a stronger sex drive than women. Study after study shows that men’s sex drives are not only stronger than women’s, but much more straightforward. It’s common wisdom that women place more value on emotional connection as a spark of sexual desire whereas men don’t really care. According to Edward O. Laumann, PhD, a Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago, a majority of adult men under 60 think about sex at least once a day while only about one-quarter of women say the think about it that frequently. Another study conducted by Roy Baumesiter, a Social Psychologist at Florida State University, found that men reported more spontaneous sexual arousal and had more frequent and varied fantasies. In lay man’s terms, most men have higher sex drives than most women (the key word is most not all).

6. Always in the mood: Men seem to be always in the mood for sex compared to women. Women need everything to be right to have sex while men don’t really don’t care. Things that influence a woman’s readiness for sex include her monthly cycle, her mood, issues at home or in school etc. On a man’s part, nothing stops him from having sex. A man is good to go, whether in the mood or not.

7. Uncontentment: I was discussing with a friend who told me the story of her boss at work who has been asking her and her female colleagues out. In her own words “he’s married to a beautiful sweet looking lady, what is he looking for in other women?”. My reply was that natural men are never content with one partner, natural men are never satisfied with one sexual partner. Only a very spiritual man and a strong willed man can overcome this temptation.

Societal advantage: We live in society where boys are allowed to stay late nights while girls are given a curfew, not allowed to keep male friends and even locked up at home by their parents. We live in a society that stylishly celebrates a promiscuous man as a player and bashes a promiscuous lady with the “she’s loose”, “she’s lacking in morals” tag. We live in a society where a woman looses face when she demands for sex. We live in a society where a man can say he wants sex but a woman has to hide her quest for sex. This advantage on a man’s part makes them more vocal and readily ask for sex without being frowned upon.


Sex Drive: How Do Men and Women Compare? by Richard Sine for http://www.WebMD.com

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