7 Reasons Ladies Like Money

naija babes

1. Financial security: It’s no secret that money makes the World go round. No matter how much you preach love or affection to a smart girl, if your money is not backing your words, then forget it.
My Naija ladies would tell you “na love we go chop?”, “does love pay the bills?”, will we offer love to the school as school fees for the children?”, “how many pampers will love buy?”. No lady no matter how much love drunk she is will be senseless enough to enter a relationship/marriage with a man that can’t take care of himself talkless of adding the extra burden of taking care of her. Imagine a lady who was brought up in a family were one had to queue up in the morning to have their bath, where garri was rationed, where school fees was payed after threats from the school principal. You now want a such lady to punish her future children all over again? She’ll definitely want financial security from a prospective suitor.

2. Ambition: For me, this is the best reason a lady should ever like money. The difference between a lady that likes money as a financial security from her spouse and one that makes it her ambition to make money is the “her factor”. These are the types of ladies that view depending on a man financially as a weakness, the type of ladies that work hard (legally) for their money. The kind of ladies that would never contemplate becoming a house wife for anyone. The type of ladies every man wants around him. The type of ladies that doesn’t leave the bread-making responsibilities to the man alone. The type of ladies that work their asses off to support her husband and her family. The problem with this view is the fact that feminists have arm twisted this view to mean they don’t ever need a man for anything, thereby making such ladies become bossy, materialistic with little regard for men. Balance is key.

3. Power: This aspect of money making happens when a lady graduates from ambition to show off. A prime example are rich daddy’s girls or sugar daddy’s properties in Universities. These are the type of girls that use money as a way of gaining people’s respect, people’s admiration and people’s envy. I have the utmost respect for ladies that work hard and flaunt their hard earned wealth but when a lady uses her father or husband’s wealth to oppress other women then there is a problem.

4. Greed: According to the dictionary, greed could be defined as the intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. Human beings have insatiable desires but the level at which some girls desire soar, even a Dangote would struggle to keep up. Greed for money, material things is what turns a regular everyday innocent looking girl into a gold digging, night crawling, leg spreading, pretentious girl. Greed would never achieve anything good, always demands for more.

5. Looking good: Everyone wants to look good but ladies take it up a very high and expensive notch. So you will see a girl that knows she can’t afford those expensive Brazilian/Indian/Peruvian hairs longing for hers and will do anything to get it. A pocket draining makeup kit comes out and she gets one just to look better than her peers. Amongst these shallow-minded-keeping-up-appearance ladies are the few that genuinely love looking good and would spend good money. They always want to be in vogue. They want to be seen in the reigning fashion. Is it make up, hair, clothes, name it, they will be seen with it. Kudos to these ones.

6. For show off: The show off kinda girls have one thing in common; low self esteem. Low self esteem emanates within someone who doesn’t value themselves highly enough thereby leaving a void (an empty space within). Money and material things are then used to fill this void. This gives them a false high sense of value. Beware of show off girls, they may look good on the outside but they are empty on the inside.

7. To oppress: Last but not the least, the oppressors. These are the types of ladies that see every good dressing, hair flaunting, makeup wearing girl as a competitor. These are the “she has that bag, I must have it and more” kinda girls. When dressing isn’t just a form of expressing ones inner desires anymore but a way of not only showing off but oppressing other girls. They have the “I am the latest chick in town” expression written all over their forehead.


Credit goes to Ifeoluwa Aremu for this article. I simply told her to write an article for me titled “7 Reasons Ladies Like Money” and submit the next day and she came up with a brilliant work that formed the backbone of this article. Smart beautiful young girl. More power to your elbow sweerie. Thanks

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