10 Popular Lies That Nigerian Guys Tell


1. I love you: Naija girls can attest to the fact that the most popular and often most painful lie that Naija guys tell is the “I love you” lie. Guys are fully aware that a girl’s feelings are her weakest point. So what better way to get what they want by offering a girl what she wants: LOVE (fake love that is). Girls beware of a guy that professes love too soon. Often times its fake.

2. It’s my car: The same way Naija girls borrow pose with their friends or sisters shoes and clothes, Naija guys do same with their friends or most times their parents cars. You inherited or even borrowed your fathers car and you proudly “paint the town red” with it. Agbaya.

3. I have money: It’s a regular occurrence in Naija clubs to meet a guy popping expensive assorted drinks to impress his friends or a girl. Most times its not his hard earned money, its either yahoo money (scam/419) or its his school fees or better still his hard earned little money. After all the groove, the poor boy goes back to drinking garri to make ends meet again. Girls beware of lavish spending guys. Its often a mirage.

4. I don’t have a girlfriend: Naija guys would never admit having a girlfriend. It’s like a taboo, a no no. The hilarious part is that most girls would believe this lie and go on to have something to do with the guy. This is the truth: 95 percent of Naija guys are either in a relationship or relationships, having a fling or toasting another girl. So before you believe the “I dont have a girlfriend” story. Be prepared for the end result.

5. I am not married: I don’t know if its a Nigerian thing but seems married men don’t like their wedding bands while they insist on their wives wearing theirs. The wedding band is the fastest prove that a man is married and should be stayed clear off but when they hardly wear them, there is no prove outside intuition that a man is married. Many girls have been deceived by this lie and most suspect he’s married but just choose to ignore it for selfish personal gain.

6. I am good in bed: The same way Naija girls hardly admit their sexual urge, Naija guys overblow their sexual prowess. If you hear a Naija guy talking about how good he is in bed, you would think he was a porn star. Every Naija guy will make a girl scream. Every Naija guy is amazing in bed. Every Naija guy will take the girl to sexual heavens. But as soon as its time to perform, that’s when they make excuses for lack of performance. Such excuses include: “I had a long day at work, I was probably too excited, I am not really in the mood.”

7. I am not cheating: Asking a Naija guy if he is cheating and expecting a honest answer is like asking Buhari for his WAEC certificate, you will not get the truth. Many Naija guys are serial cheats and you would need the CIA to catch them in the act. I am not saying you should suspect your spouse of infedility but to keep your eyes open ALWAYS.

8. I am born again: So a Naija guy meets a spiritual lady in church and knowing that he can’t get her with his rascally looks and behavior, he brushes himself up and claims born-again. Tells her to come over for prayer meeting and seduces her. The story sounds too extreme but many spiritual girls’ resolve have been broken by guys that claim to be born-Again. BEWARE.

9. I am changed: When a Naija guy cheats on his girlfriend/wife or he beats her up and she leaves him, he always comes back with the “It will never happen again, I am changed” story and a love blinded girl takes him back without an ultimatum only to suffer the same fate and the cycle begins again.

10. I just want to chill: When a guy tells a Naija girl that she should come over to his place “to chill”, it’s only a dumb girl that would believe him. Naija guys never really chill. If the opportunity presents itself, like a cobra, they will strike. BEWARE.


NOTE: Guys that are vexed can take their revenge by reading “10 Popular Lies That Nigerian Girls Tell”. Hilarious. Enjoy

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