Why Some Women Have Facial Hair (Beards)

Queen Okafor

One of the most frustrating things that could happen physically to a woman is not having small feminine features like breasts or ass but having masculine features like thick voice and beards. The annoying part according to most women is the fact that it seems to grow fastest as soon as you attempt shaving them off.

What’s the cause of facial hair on women?
The condition is called hirsutism. To explain the term, I will break it down in this manner.
Women have measurable amounts of androgens (male hormones) in their blood while men have measurable amounts of estrogen (female hormones) in their blood. The problem arises when there is excessive amounts of androgen in the woman or excessive amount of estrogen in the man. Features like hair on the chest or face and even thick voices begin to appear in women while big hips or ass, man-boobs begin to appear in men. In most cases, hirsutism is hereditary, it tends to run in families. In general, hirsutism is a harmless condition but many women find it bothersome, or even embarrassing and most men find it awkward and discomforting.
In some cases, the extra androgen comes from medications. Some birth control pills as well as certain steroids contain androgens, or have effects similar to androgens. Other drugs indirectly cause the body to make extra androgen hormones; these include some medicines to treat schizophrenia, seizures, migraine headaches, bipolar disorder and high blood pressure. Occasionally, an abnormality in the ovaries, the adrenal glands or the pituitary gland can cause overproduction of androgens. One such (common) condition is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS).

Hirsutism is generally a long-term problem. There are a number of ways to remove or treat unwanted hair. Some treatment effects last longer than others.

Temporary hair removal options include:
Shaving does not cause more hair to grow, but the hair may look thicker.
Plucking and waxing are fairly safe and are not expensive. However, they can be painful and there is a risk for scarring, swelling, and skin darkening.

Permanent hair removal options include:
Electrolysis uses electrical current to permanently damage individual hair follicles so they do not grow back. This method is expensive, and multiple treatments are needed. Swelling, scarring, and redness of the skin may occur.
Laser hair removal uses laser aimed at the dark color (melanin) in the hairs. This method is best if a very large area needs to be treated and only if the hair is particularly dark (does not work on blond or red hair).

Medical treatments include:
Estrogen-containing medicines. Several medicines, including birth control pills that contain both estrogen and progesterone, can alter the impact of androgens.
Anti-androgen medicines. The most commonly used medicine is spironolactone (Aldactone).


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