My Adorable Conversation With a 9 Year Old Princess



Note: Not her picture (She’s a Nigerian girl not Oyimbo)

I was on my way down from my office when I saw this very beautiful fair girl seated at the reception of my office complex alone watching TV. I wasn’t in a hurry so I decided to engage her in a little conversation just to ease tension after a hard time at the office. The following conversation ensued:
Me: Hi *walking by* so you don’t want to greet me happy new year shey?
Girl: Happy New Year
Me: How are you doing?
Girl: I am fine
Me: What are you doing in my office? Do you want to patronize us?
Girl: Nooooo. I am here with my Uncle
Me: Your uncle? *thinking her uncle was a colleague/boss at work*. What’s your uncle’s name.
Girl: *She calls a name I can’t remember*
Me: I don’t know your uncle o
Girl: He doesn’t work here, he is a customer
Me: Ooooo. Really? So you want to join your uncle and patronize us?
Girl: No
Me: Why not? You don’t want to be an oil worker?
Girl: No
Me: So what do you want to be when you grow up?
Girl: I want to be in the army
Me: *shocked* You want to be an army woman?
Girl: Yes
Me: *still in shock* You don’t want to become a doctor or lawyer or engineer or a musician or even an actor?
Girl: No
Me: Wow. So why do you want to become an army woman?
Girl: I don’t know
Me: You want to carry gun?
Girl: *smiles and avoids the question*
Me: You know in the line of duty, you would either kill someone or someone will kill you?
Girl: I know
Me: …and you still want to become an army woman?
Girl: Yes
Me: *I was short of words and decided to change the topic* So which class are you in?
Girl: Basic 5 (Primary 5)
Me: Nice. So you will be entering Basic 6 next year
Girl: No. My school doesn’t have Basic 6 so I’ll go straight to JSS1
Me: That’s cool. How old are you by the way?
Girl: I am 9 years old.

*Co-worker passes and acknowledges her and remarks “Kurtis, who is this beautiful girl, is she your daughter?”
Me: I wish. She’s my new friend.
Co-worker: How are you doing fine girl?
Girl: I am fine
Co-worker: What’s your name?
Girl: Jessica
Co-worker: Nice to meet you Jessica.
*Co-worker leaves us continue our gist*

Me: You are a very beautiful young smart girl
Girl: Thanks
Me: *was about taking my leave and asked for her number jokingly expecting to hear “I am too young for a phone” but her answer made me sit down again*
Girl: My phone is at home.
Me: You don’t take it out?
Girl: I do but its having earphone problems that’s why I left it at home but I am on Whatsapp though.
Me: *blood drained to my face* What? You are on Whatsapp?
Girl: Off course. I am on Facebook and Twitter as well.
Me: Okay now you must be joking. What’s your Facebook name and twitter handle?
Girl: Its Jessica (a long Edo name I can’t remember) and my twitter handle is *censored*.
Me: So how often do you update your twitter handle?
Girl: Not often but I let my big sister update them for me.
Me: I will look for you on Facebook.
Girl: Alright.
Me: So hope to see you some other time *I regrettable had to leave to attend to work*
Girl: Sure
Me: Whenever you come to the office next, ask for tall Kurtis and they will show you to my office. I will be expecting you.
Girl: Alright
Me: *shakes her hand* and bids my farewell
Girl: Bye

I don’t know why I am sharing this seemingly private convo I had with this princess but the fact that a 9 year old knows what she wants to become when she grows up, the fact that she wants to become an army woman (an army woman?…Jesus) and fact that she is on FB, Twitter and has a phone must have made me share the convo.
My question to you is are her parents right to allow her social media access at her young age? Nevertheless, she’s really beautiful. Most beautiful girl I have seen in a while and she’s really smart.

Note: The above conversation really happened and is not a figment of my imagination and Jessica really exists (I wasn’t just comfortable taking a picture of her).

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