Girls, Nude Fashion And Its Effect On Men


Happy New Year folks. It has been was an amazing holidays for me and my family. I got to visit my village during Christmas for the first time in over 10 years (sad but true). Well, its an Igbo thing to travel to your hometown and show who has more money to meet up with extended family and share in the festivities but I wouldn’t dwell on that. I had a swell time and that in part explains my long absence from writing (forgive me).
To the issue on my mind, I was at the village and realized that village girls are no longer the village girls we thought they were. Village girls are gradually catching up with the city girls in their dress sense. Village girls that could have been categorized with tieing wrappers around their waists and going to the farm are no longer carrying last as Nigerians would say. I had this feeble idea that going to the village would afford me the rare privilege of not been callously flabbergasted with a woman’s curves at every turn, no stray cleavage and bra strap, no busts, no bum; nothing to mess with your head or thoughts and get your mind trying to figure out whatever is under that see-through top.
It finally dawned on me that nudity was here to stay. It seems our ladies just want to go naked whether on the road, in church (imagine!!) or even on social media (with the most revealing pictures getting the most likes). We’ve watched girls’ skirts grow shorter and tighter. The panties are now getting smaller, tighter and “into-the-bum-er”. Leggings that were formerly worn with a long top to cover the bum are now worn with plain skin tight tops. Nowadays they don’t even wear pants with it, and it’s getting even more transparent! Today they wear see-through tops with a flawless bra underneath. Their tops must reveal bra straps somehow, and the cleavage must come pouring forth! Truth is, a lady who ‘shows some flesh’ torments a man’s senses far more than a totally nude one, for men are turned on hard by sight. When a man sees a lady nude, he has seen it all. But when a man sees a woman half nude, he wants to see it all. That quest to see it all has made many mens imaginations run wild; they get hooked; soon they become willing victims all their lives. Women know this, I am sure.
I sometimes wonder how many young men out there are addicted, perverted, and sexually bedeviled by a few stray sights they happened upon on the street all because a sister wants to be called ‘sexy’. We lament that faithful husbands have flown from amongst women, we decry ill-gotten wealth. We lament that standards have fallen, that men ask for sex to give women jobs, roles, marks, admissions, favours, contracts, money. And the United Nations cries – emancipate the woman!
However, by your dressing you suggest that ‘sex’ is a currency you are willing to pay in and start up this vicious circle of promiscuity that’s killing the society. I am certain that if a bill is passed banning certain clothes in public, women will vehemently protest their right to be naked, tell us we are living in the stone ages all over again; and fill us with all that ‘woman emancipation’ mantra.
Consequently, our sons approach puberty, the site of nudity on the streets pushes them to experiment with porn and by 15, they have pierced themselves with many sexual sorrows. Such a boy will grow to be a philanderer, a pedophile, an abuser of women and an unworthy father. See how you make perverts out of us. See why you must stop!
We all are culpable. From the man who calls her ‘hot and sexy’, speaking more from lust than love, to the lady who courts attention at all costs, selling womanhood short. From the father who’s not always there, to the mother who feels she’s just being like her generation…and refuses to scream, correct and insist. From the media or marketing professional who feels – sex sells, to the customer service and public relations peeps who think this lewdness is the best way to reel in customers. From the designer of these kinds of clothes, to the ‘stars’ who teach our kids that this is how to be. We all are!

Please women. For the love of God, dress modestly!


Adapted stylishly from “The beauty and moral of hijabs” by Anyiam Nnaemeka for The Guardian Newspapers

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