Christmas Without Christ


During the last Christmas celebrations, people were in their own words celebrating someone called “X”. Maybe this “X” was allegedly born on the 25th of December over 2000 years ago. Maybe this “X” was the reason for the season. Maybe this “X” was born from the womb of a virgin, committed no sin and later died on the cross for these “X”ophants. Happy Xmas sounds like a ploy by the circular world to consciously remove Christ from Christmas replacing His name with a mysterious X in the name of making it shorter to pronounce. Not only has the name changed, the purpose behind Christmas has somewhat being altered. Christmas is no longer about the birth of Christ. Jesus warns that the thief has come to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10). Make no mistake about it, he has already stolen Christmas Xmas. Christmas is now about glittering street and home decorations; giving and receiving presents; getting a new set of clothes; shooting bangers and fireworks; and sitting down to a sumptuous meal at lavish family dinner parties. It is the time when we go to church in our latest designer clothes and when we go back home to the village to declare a surplus and make a big impression. It means if we don’t have any money, Christmas is a time of glum and gloom. At Christmas time, we are now forced to take stock of our financial situation and determine our life by what we have made in the preceding twelve months. This is contrary to the doctrine of Christ who says: “A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” (Luke 12:15). If we are short of cash, Christmas becomes a dry season which brings few tidings of comfort and joy.
Christmas is now a time of high commerce. It is the time to spend and spend, and also to sell and sell. Printers make brisk business selling greeting cards. Toy-makers have a field day. Others make a fortune selling Christmas lights and decorations. If our house is not lit up, we feel left out.
Clothes sellers raise their prices. Tailors smile all the way to the bank. Rice, turkeys and chickens flood the market. Mountains of flour disappear in ovens as we bake and consume cakes and puddings. Musicians release new songs, eager to capitalize on the lucrative Christmas market. Policemen mount roadblocks to collect bribes (egunje). Kidnappers collect ransoms. Armed robbers collect a victim’s whole year’s savings. Booze is consumed to drunkenness. Illicit sexual dalliances gather pace. Road accidents reach new peak. The season is crowned with human sacrifices in pagan shrines. Where exactly is Christ now in all this?
What does Christmas represent in your life? When celebrating your child’s birthday, isn’t he/she the center of attraction? Wouldn’t you appreciate God for keeping them this far? Wouldn’t you buy things for him/her in a bid to celebrate them and make them happy? So therefore, why isn’t Jesus Christ’s birthday not all about Him? For the cynics that claim celebrating Christmas is not scriptural, that December 25th is no where in the Bible, I agree with you. But in defense of the December 25th date, Jesus Christ is God and not a human that is born on a particular date. The date is only symbolic. To be a Christian means to take things by faith. If you are against the symbolic “December 25th” date for the birth of Christ then you can as well identify Christians that eat bread and drink ‘tastee time’ claiming its the body and blood of Jesus Christ as lunatics.
Let’s use this Christmas and the upcoming New Year celebrations to celebrate God’s Grace at work in our lives through the birth and death of His beloved son Jesus Christ.
Remember He Is The Reason For The Season.




Reference: Christmas Without Christ by Femi Aribisala for

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