7 Misconceptions Women Have About Men


1. All men are the same: The biggest and most diverse misconception women have towards men is the “all men are the same” ideology. This ideology has been used negatively when associating men with an “all men cheat” mentality. Although some men have been predisposed to cheating and having extra marital affairs, having this mentality of men has caused many women to distrust their faithful men causing a strain in their relationships. “If all men are dogs, what breed is your father?” is a popular defense men use when women come up with the “all men are the same” mantra. Faithful men are indeed a rare breed, ask for divine help with open eyes and mind and one of such breed would be yours to keep. Have faith.

2. Men enjoy sex than women: I literally laugh out loud when women ignorantly claim that men enjoy sex more than women. This assumption is not only misguided but very wrong. Point of correction, the fact that men want sex more often than women doesn’t justify the assumption that men enjoy the act more than women.
For the umpteenth time, a woman’s body has been wired by God to be very sensitive making sex an around pleasurable experience for a woman. The most sensitive part of a man’s body (sexually) is his penis (the tip) and maybe the testicles (the balls). Other parts of a man’s body including his nipples, his neck, lips aren’t even half as sensitive as the womans.
To put this into context, a woman’s clitoris is made up of 8000 nerve endings (sexually sensitive spots in that part of the body) while the man’s penis is made up of just 4000 nerve endings. So just a woman’s clitoris beats the man’s penis by 2 to 1 in terms of nerve endings and we haven’t even added the 4000 nerve endings around the vagina, other nerve endings around the labia majora and labia minora. (Read Understanding Her Private Part for better understanding of a woman’s private part). If you doubt my assertion, ask yourself two questions:
A. When you use your finger to pick your nose, where do you derive pleasure from the most: the finger or your nose?
B. When a man and woman has good satisfactory sex, who moans more?
I end my case. Women enjoy sex more shikina.

3. You can change a man: “He smokes, but I will change him”. “He beats me, but I will change him”. “He cheats but I will change him”. “He hasn’t been to church in 20 years but I will change him”. Women have this “messiah-like” attitude about them thinking they can change everyone. Women you can never change a man without divine help. In other terms, its only God that can change a human being including men. The problem most women have is that they discover a habit or habits in a man that they don’t like but instead of backing out of the relationship, they believe they can change him and end up marrying him. Months or even days down the line, the habit once ignored rears its ugly head and by then its too late to do anything about it. He was slapping you while you both dated and you end up marrying him with the mindset that you can change him. He ends up beating you and you are surprised? You cannot change a man, stop deceiving yourself.

4. Men don’t get heartbroken: When a relationship ends, women (girls) seemingly are always the ones that end up getting heartbroken. Whereas most girls take a long time to patch their hearts together and move on, the guys have a new girlfriend almost immediately. Well, in most cases, this is true because men know when a relationship is about coming to an end and prepare in advance while ladies know too but cling to faint hopes that the relationship will work. When they finally break up, the guy is months prepared while the girl is ill prepared hence the “heartbreak”. Some men aren’t as smart as others and don’t prepare emotionally for the demise of a relationship and also end up heartbroken. The difference between a heartbroken guy and a heartbroken girls lies in the fact that men don’t show their emotions outwardly, whereas girls cry their pillows wet, tell everyone that cares to listen, guys keep it within and end of sleeping with as much girls as possible to douse the pain. Guys get heartbroken too.

5. Get and keep a man with your body: So a girl steps out wearing cleavage exposing tops and hips clutching gowns. Men are naturally drawn to her and she gets many passes from guys at the party/event. She ends up going on a date with one of the guys still exposing her body (because thats her ONLY selling point). After a few more dates, he invites her over to his house and after pretentiously behaving like a gentleman starts making moves to have sex with her and she’s stunned/surprised? Why should she be when the guy is only asking for what she has been advertising all along. A lady can get a man with her body (the initial attraction) but can never keep a man with her body. She needs something more to keep a man; character, sense, carriage, self confidence etc. Don’t be deceived.

6. Men prefer fair girls over dark skinned girls: The bleaching craze has necessitated the inclusion of this misconception about men. Point of correction, fair girls have this catchy thing about them that makes them seem attractive from a distance. If a fair and a dark skinned girl pass by a group of guys, the fair girl gets the first attention because she is fair (closer to oyimbo than the dark skinned girl) but that’s where the admiration ends. Dark skinned girls naturally have smoother skin and are fresher than their fairer counterparts considering the harsh sunny weather conditions in Africa. Why destroy your skin cells by lightening your skin just to get admiration from men that will use you, dump you and still marry a dark skinned lady. Stop deceiving yourself dear.

7. Pregnancy will keep a man: The rate of pre-marital pregnancy has gotten to a very alarming rate. 7 out of 10 girls in their 20s have either give birth or at one time gotten pregnant for a man (most have aborted at least once). You getting pregnant for a man will not make him marry you. Even if a man tells you that he will marry you if you get pregnant fro him (to test your fertility). Human beings can change their minds and what if he does, what will then happen to you and the baby. Never contemplate getting pregnant for a man outside the confines of marriage, even if you both are enagaged. Don’t be a scape goat.

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